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Being a Personal Trainer at 24 Hours

by Alexander

There are a ton of negative comments on here about 24, but people really are not being objective.

Being a personal trainer at a commercial gym, you are also a salesperson. The gym will not simply drop clients into your lap, you have to go out on the floor and sell yourself. Yes, its not easy in that you will face rejection, but it comes with the job. You cant honestly expect to get certified and then just have automatic clients.

In regards to management and staff, this varies from club to club. Every club is different, and it is really up to the discretion of the club manager how he runs his PT. 24 Hour does like to have many trainers on hand, and its true you will have to be aggressive about getting clients. But to say that club doesnt support its trainers is short sighted. The job comes with independence. You lead generate, you sell the packages. Ive worked at 24 for the past year, and Ive done really well. I have a great boss who wants his trainers to build clientele. I also constantly am looking for ways to network and interest new clients. I have done very well and so have other trainers at my location. We help each other out whenever possible and network and will share clients and work together when effective. This job isnt just training with cookie cutter programs. You have to be versatile in your skillset, and that includes teamwork, sales, and continuing your education as a trainer.

There are plenty of bad managers out there, and plenty of lousy staff. Be discerning about where you apply. Talk to the staff that works there, talk to a trainer, ask them how they like working there. Ive seen 24s that were run horribly and had terrible employee retention, and Ive seen 24s that had great managers and staff where everyone worked as a team.

Nothing in this industry comes automatically, and you need to have perspective about your commitment and career. Dont just train hard, train smart, and dont just work hard, work smart. The intelligence of the work you put in will determine how well you do.

Comments for Being a Personal Trainer at 24 Hours

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Spot on...
by: NewestGirlat24

I was recently hired at a CA 24 Hour Fitness as a PT (newly certified with no prior PT experience). The FM was telling me during the interview process that they desperately need another female trainer and they've lost sales because they didn't have one to cover the evening hours. He said it would basically guarantee me at least 5 regular clients from the jump. Now that I'm hired, I find that it wasn't the case. He sold me into the job. Damn, he's good. Rather, "Damn, I'm naive."

So what Alexander said in his post is dead's not going to happen automatically. They won't just drop these clients into your lap (even if they say they will). I'm now working the phones and roaming the floor in an attempt to make my presence known. I'm trying to get closer to the membership counselors so they throw me a few FOs and so I can try for some more regulars. It's definitely more of a hustle than they led me to believe in the beginning. But luckily I enjoy a challenge.

You're part of the problem
by: EliteTrainer

Hey NewestGirlat24: You've unwittingly become part of the reason that 24 Hour Fitness gets away with exploiting their trainers and getting them to work for substandard pay/free. You've just made excuse after excuse for the company after they (via the lying manager) screwed you over after promising you clients so you'd take the job. Now you're defending them? Do yourself and the training industry a favor and get out of there and start making the money you deserve. 24 Hour Fitness has a very bad reputation in the industry. The longer you stay there and support their efforts to undermine personal trainer wages the more you are hampering yours and all of our efforts to make a living in the future. You're part of the problem if you keep feeding that beast. Sorry to be so blunt but you are worth more than they can offer you and you deserve better.

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