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Crossfit Level 1 vs. Everything Else

by Phillip
(Kansas City)

I used this site to pick my personal training cert. I chose NASM. I was extremely pleased with what I learned, the information on this site, and the organizations methods.

I am currently a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. However for a program that is Safe, Effective, and Efficient nothing holds a candle to Crossfit. Now unfortunately the efficacy of Crossfit is not readily apparent. It takes some time and some willingness to be open minded but once you've given it a chance you will never use any of these training or certifying agencies again. Sign up for the Crossfit Journal and pay 25 dollars a year for a world class fitness program that tops anything on the market today.

For 1,000 dollars you can become Crossfit certified

NASM was about 800.

I owe everything to this site and the information posted here. However I felt that Crossfit fit my desire for observable, repeatable, and measureable fitness. A concept barely defined by most programs that claim it as their goal. Why should we shell out money for programs that can't define their goals.

If you disagree that's fine. Read the Journal. See for yourself.

This site Rocks! And I felt I owed it to this awesome community to put in my 2 cents.

Sincerely Phillip Meece

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fad Certs
by: Anonymous

if you want to be a trainer for any amount of time dont get a cert that is todays new thing, who wants to be certified in someone else's method. get a cert that teaches you about the body and progression of movement and come up with your own crossfit. I know too many trainers that go from 'functional' to '300' to 'ballistics' to 'boot camp' to 'TRX' to 'crossfit'. the next step is unemployment.

by: Anonymous

Fair enough advice. I don't think applies to CrossFit. but it is always a concern. It's easy to get swept away by the ocean of gimmicks.

What sold me? = fitness is your capacity to do work across broad time and modal domains.

work= force x distance over time.

Since you can measure it, you know with out a doubt whether or not you're wasting your time.

Sincerely Phillip

by: Anonymous


Know your physics if you are going to talk about. To do a proper crossfit program a lot of planning has to be done to ensure overall fitness as well as to prevent over training. For some of the population crossfit will not be an ideal training program.

by: Anonymous

$1000.00!!! to get Certified.

Jump on board or get left behind
by: Anonymous

I've been a personal trainer for just over 10 years now, and I have seen fitness fads come and go. I have never seen anything like Crossfit and what its doing for reg. folk and what its doing for the sports minded community. About 100 years ago there was this new thing coming out that no one thought would last... Now there is one or two in every driveway. Lets talk about computers. Samething. We are witnessing a revolution. A "fitness revolution", and fitness/personal training is never gonna be the same. $1000 is gonna seem like pinnies in a few years. Mark my words.....

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