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Does a College Degree Matter?

Hey my name is Jason and I a senior at Fairfield University, which is 4yr. college. I'm about to graduate with a degree in Sociology, but I am seriously thinking about a career in Personal Fitness Training. I am planning to take the ACSM test prior to graduation and end up hopefully working at an Equinox gym in Manhattan. My question is whether or not my bachelor degree counts for anything?

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Does a College Degree Matter?
by: Glen Edward Mitchell

Yes & NO Education is always key! But a great trainer has the passion and drive ! and you can not get that from a degree!

In the same boat...
by: Anonymous

I am senior at Columbia, graduating in May with a degree in Econ and Poli Sci. Obviously, I have very little science (chem/bio/anatomy/etc) background but I want to go into personal training part time to make some extra money before I go on to get further certification and education. I was supposed to go into the finance industry, but the current situation makes that impossible, so I might as well follow my passion. Ideally I would like to go on to grad school for nutrition and exercise physiology in order to be able to attract more lucrative clientele (NYU has a program). Would getting certified as a cPT and a lifestyle and weight management consultant (offered by ACE) be the best way to start? I was an athlete throughout high school and college as well as have a strong personal interest in the field in general, so I think that I have the 100 hours of experience covered. Any tips, thoughts, or ideas for me and the others in the same position?


Absolutely, but it depends
by: Daniel

I just graduate with my B.S. in Physical Education and I can't tell you how much that's helped me with getting certified. Education is key, of course it has to be relevant to what you want to use it for. I'm not sure how many of your Sociology classes are relevant to Personal Training, but a degree is better than no degree. It just makes you that much more marketable.
Remember, just keep on learning throughout your personal training career and you can't go wrong.

by: Anonymous

Degrees regarding hiring personal trainers may depend.
Generally IF you have an excellent personal trainer certification AND a college degree of any sort, most employers seem to feel obligated to start you at a certain place. But that depends on the employer and their business model. In the non profit fitness world, for instance at a YMCA, it makes quite a difference esp if you are to do any managing in the future in any department.
Will it cause you to make more $ immediately doing personal training if you are a newly certified trainer? Probably not unless it is an exercise related degree ( job task related).
However, for the long term, whatever you do haveing that extra 4 yr piece of paper will open doors that may not open for those without it.

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