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ex-kids club attendant

by J.D.
(Mtz, Ca)

24 hr does not care about their "team!" I worked for the company for almost a year, training many people including managers. I was promised a supervisor position from day 1, because of my experience and education in Teaching.

As the time went on I received all the excuses in the book for not getting promoted. I had to sit and watch people that I trained who did a less then kosher job, move up in the company. Once the 4th manager came along, I had it with the company. I tried to tell her how my morale was down and what has happened in the past. Do you think I received any positive reinforcement...NO! Instead I was criticized and accused of endangering a child and not following policies.

Yes I did get lazy, but hey why not that's how others were promoted. I had even paid for a 10 day personal trainer, only using one. When asked what to do about that, I was told "use it or eat it!" Talk about quality management! Anyway if you are a brown noser, like to be put down, stressed out and criticized for doing your job, this is the place for you!

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Brown nosing pays off at 24 Hour Fitness
by: Anonymous

Amen! I hated to watch incompentent brown nosers get promoted over hard-working skilled people while I worked there. You're also right about being put down for everything you do there. The company seems to have a philosophy of degrading employees and treating them like dog crap on their shoes.

Disagree with initial post
by: Anonymous

I work at Kids Club and they definitely do not degrade their employees. If you're not competent or mentally able to take on the position...they will NOT give you a management/supervisor position. Doesn't matter what you're background is...if you put kids in danger, complain, act will NOT move up in that company - That goes for most companies. If people under YOU got hired for management it just means that you were not qualified for the job.

Kid's Club Attendant
by: Anonymous

how much does a Kid's Club Attendant get paid?

by: Anonymous

Can you bring your own child to work with you as a kids club attendant?

Did you disagree with how they did things from Day 1?
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a commenter who is just reading this page. To people who identify with the view of the original poster -- do you know that people in management are scared of underling employees who are smart and capable but who disagree with the way the business is run?
The reason is this: if somebody might move up and get more speaking power about what they disagree with, it will cause drama for the managers. Drama or the need to adjust to change. But either way they don't want it because they hold their jobs like something that has to be kept calm and waves.
So if you even *let on* that you don't like things, you are going to be cast out for promotion. It is evil to hold you there without promoting you, but also sometimes people can't fire you if you really didn't do anything wrong.

I'm not cool with carelessly endangering children, and I would maybe fire someone with that kind of record who didn't like our company and was asking for a promotion. But that sounds like really unfair treatment. The thing is you have to take action for yourself to be respected, truly, and when you can't take action in that company culture but it's evil to keep you there and evil for you to stay, maybe the action has to be taken toward a new part of life or a new employ. Get a little bit of the better experience in life that way.
Plus I just read that this Kids Club Attendant is a minimum-wage position. That should really be listed as a paid internship. It takes specialized skills to excel in working with children, but also it's likely that few -- or maybe nobody else -- wants to do that job if you get a promotion. I guess it also takes specialized skills to hire a new employee to work with the kids. <--reasons you never seem to get promoted out of a position like this

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