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Do many people specialize (or is it even a specialty) in training firefighters? Their job tasks are specific, and they also have to prepare for a test called the Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT).

Comments for Firefighters

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Great idea!
by: Anonymous

I want to get in to personal training but after that i want to hop back to school to study fire science,fire engineering, and etc.. I think it would be great if someone offered a course that would help train for a fitness test. Same techniques can be applied to police officers. I have no clue if there are programs like that but it would be good to get into that i knowi would enjoy it.

It can be done
by: Anonymous

I have taken many classes and am preparing to take my NASM exam in a few months. I have done quite a bit of research on this subject and have found that you can be a personal trainer and offer workshops and courses to teach average joes how to better their chances at passing the CPAT. My husband, his dad and his 2 brothers are certified firefighters so this is a niche that interests me. Basically all you need to do is create your own classes/program and do some marketing for it. If you know what you are doing and know what you are talking about (and clients have good results) your classes will grow and you will be the "come to" person for this specific reason. Same goes for EMS and Police. You can be a PT for Emergency Personnel. Research and you will find that when departments have some kind of Health and Wellness Program in place that the workmans comp claims drop by a huge chunk. This is enough to make eyebrows raise when you try to get hired. It will save them money thus creating job security. Keep it up...YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Can learn but...
by: Anonymous

You can learn this the issue that I have come against is they higher someone on the force to learn what supposedly needs to be done to make everyone fit. They want to keep it in house but I have worked with firefighters and have made them better or even the best in their little competition

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