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Hard to get personal training clients

by Rebecca
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

I worked at 24 hour fitness is Las Vegas, NV as a personal trainer. The training job was great, fun with clients and the environment was really good. I made $14 per hour, plus a small commission for certain types of training sessions clients bought and requested me for.

The problem was getting clients - the hours I was assigned to work weren't popular for training sessions and I couldn't ever get a base clientele built up.

24 Hour Fitness benefits were good - pretty standard. I would recommend the job, for sure, if you can get weekday evening hours included in your schedule, which was the most popular training time requested. I left because without a strong client list, I couldn't make enough money.

Comments for Hard to get personal training clients

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by: Anonymous

WOW...$14hr = lame. Independent is the way to go.
Commercial gyms take %90 of your pay

You want clients

1 client
provide results
they tell their friends
more income

Results = Referrals = more income. That should be the mindset of the trainer

Commercial gyms brainwash their trainers
more income = more income = more income

Sales pressure
by: Anonymous

I ended up quitting 24 Hour after 4 months. My manager badgered me so much to make more sales, that it started to effect me in a negative way. Frankly, even after selling a few 10 plus sessions, the money still was not that good. Where is all the great money in this business? Plus, I don't know many people willing to pay more than $45 per session. It is mythical that people are standing in line willing to pay $85 per session. Also, hours are sporadic. You have to be willing to work early morning, after 6:00 pm and weekends. Clients call to cancel or change appointment times often. You have to be able to be flexible. Otherwise, you won't make a good living at this. It is difficult if you are raising children. It is a better job for a college student or a person right out of college.

las vegas/hawaii
by: Anonymous

your value is determined more by what you provide rather than what we "think" other will pay. granted, people may have restrictive budgets that do not allow higher rates, however, i found that when your skillset is high and it is combined with the ability to communicate and deliver results, the rates are not much of an issue.

working for 24 hour fitness, they like to "preach" to you that you are the reason why members stick around and told hold your value high. HOWEVER, they set the training rates and often provide specials to drive business but many times, it's almost contradicting their "keep your value high" speeches.

along with that, you work for a terrible boss (now the divisional vp, 2008) who supposedly is from the Fitness side of the house. his physique is nowhere near the product he claims to be an expert at.

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