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How do you dress for a personal trainer interview?

by Ariana
(Buffalo, NY)

This may seem like a silly question, but I'm switching careers from Marketing and am a little unsure. In the business world, you do not ever interview in anything other than a suit. That doesn't seem right for a gym, I'd appreciate any advice.

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Dress for Success
by: Harry

When you deal with the public (at the gym) - you're a personal trainer and should dress the part, However, when you are interviewing, you are dealing with the business world and the owner/manager. So dress nicely - business attire. You'll have plenty of time to "show your stuff" soon enough and your credentials will also speak for you. You can NEVER go wrong dressing for business. Even if it turns out not to be necessary, it will be appreciated and you will be remembered in a positive light - especially if the other applicants dress casually! Good luck!

combined interview
by: Anonymous

I had the same dilemma the first time I went for an interview as a personal trainer. They wanted to combine my interview with an "audition" class (I was also applying to teach a body sculpting class), so of course I ended up wearing workout wear. I got the job!

How to Dress for Your Interview
by: Meg

I have been on several interviews for personal training and group fitness positions. Depending on the company you're applying to, they may require you to perform an impromptu class or demo session at the time of your interview. I come dressed in business casual clothing, and then pack a set of gym clothes and leave them either in my car or bring them in my purse. You should always be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of training. I've even found that asking your prospective employer if they would like you to demonstrate something then and there (and tell them you have gym clothes you can change into) will earn you extra points. Best of luck!

Dress business; but find a way to make yourself noticed
by: Anonymous

I picked up a job as a personal trainer from the boss approaching me. I was at the end of my workout and headed to yoga so I had stripped down to a sports bra and spandex shorts completely covered in sweat. Though I am a female and he was a male; it wasnt just him being a guy, he was a great And respectful boss for a year before he transferred; but being able to see me from a client perspecitive of "she knows how to work out" was a big draw-in. He was able to see me on the floor, but when I went in for paper work I was clean( people like clean) hair tight in a bun, a blouse, business pants and nice tennishoes; with my gym bag. I've trained for many years and having the strip down ability is a plus; but the best thing you can do to make an in with the staff if they are gym rats, start a conversation and workout together. Especially if they are opposite gender because they will want to have you around. Not for the suspected reasons, but because gym rats like to surround themselves with people that they can converse with for free coaching and ideas; and those workers will tell their boss what they think of you.

Dress for success
by: Anonymous

In my opinion, I strongly suggest you dress for success. It shows the owner or general manager that you can represent the company in a professional manner. Once hired you will have plenty of time to show off your fitness attire. Hope this helps.

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