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How to Choose the Right Certification Program

by Carmine
(Bellmore, NY)

I am going crazy trying to find a course to take. There are so many schools out there. I did see your chart, which was helpful. I am leaning towards ISSA since they have a seminar in my area soon. My question to you is, how are local college courses? There is one at Hofstra University, which is right near my home. The course is AAPTE (Academy of applied personal training education).

I don't think they are nationally recognized like ISSA so that is why I am hesitating about it, but on the other hand it has great hands on training as well as classroom training.

I came across you site from google as I doing some research on Personal Trainers. I must say that your site was very helpful and has some great information.

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Learn to separate education from certification
by: Katie - Admin

The first thing you need to do is separate the concepts of education from certification. You need to get educated before you can get certified. There are lots of ways of doing this from weekend workshop, self study book learning and short course college diploma programs. You need to shop around and find the best education provider for you. A good place to start is our big list of personal training school.

Big List of Personal Training Schools

Once you are educated, you can pick from the certification providers and take their exam. You do not have to get educated by the certification provider. In fact, many certification programs do a very poor job of educating. But if you get a good education you can pick from any of the certification providers and pass their exams.

And resist the urge to rush. We are talking about your next career. You aren't going to become a personal trainer after a 6 week course or a weekend workshop. You need to devote several months to solid education investment. Follow that up with a reputable certification accredited by the NCCA and you are on your way toward a successful career.

- Katie

ISSA Certification
by: Anonymous

Hi Carmine,

I completed the ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer program a few months ago and felt that it was an informative and complete certification. The thing I like best about it is the business advice which helps you start your own personal training business with all of the forms, etc you will need. Also, they offer a variety of ways to take the exam, i.e. online, written, or at seminar. ISSA also offers online help any time you need it, and are very timely about responding to your questions.

Good luck!

Aapte is an excellent choice.
by: Eric hewitt

I am currently act certified but have enrolled in the aapte course. I have interviewed at many gyms and every single one of them regards aapte as good or better then nasm, ace or any of the top ones because of the practical training you receive. Not knocking issa but it is not accredited by ncca but appte is.

I would recommend this course to anybody especially if you live on ny.

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