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I passed but NASM won't give me my score!

I studied for months and months...on and off...I went to a live workshop, watched the DVD's, read the entire book, did all the questions in the study guide and took the practice test online several times.

I passed the real exam but they won't give you your score. I felt the test was nothing like the practice tests and I honestly did not know if I had passed or failed when I finished it in one hours time (an hour early). I was relieved to hear that I passed it (the first time) but I desperately wanted to know how "well" I passed it...

I was disappointed to hear that NASM do not give out those scores. They only give it to those who don't pass.


Jeanene Cannon, NASM CPT
(I'm also certified with AFAA for Group Exercise and as a Personal Fitness Trainer) - NASM definitely exceeds AFAA!

Comments for I passed but NASM won't give me my score!

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Industry standard
by: Anonymous

That is pretty common in the testing industry. Even though I have asked, nobody can (or will) explain why this is. I suspect it is to eliminate bragging rights so that the people that passed with a low score don't get their feelings hurt by those who passed with a high score. The cert is the same whether you got a 70 or a 100 after all.

Passing score
by: Anonymous

Most exam scores for employment related tests are graded as pass or fail (dichotomous).

The tests are graded as "pass" to level the playing field for candidates applying for a job. Let's say you score a 89 and someone else scores a 93 and these scores are available to a hiring manager. Who do you think he is going to hire? It may be that you are not as good of a test taker and didn't score as high, but you do know your stuff.

A test score is only one aspect. Having your score reported as "pass" shows you are competent and allows those hiring to focus on other aspects of you other than your test score.

by: Anonymous

I just took the exam yesterday and passed. Which is great, but I really wanted to know what my score was! I only wanted to know how much of the material I was actually able to grasp.Darn!

NASM final exam fail (no score shown)
by: Anonymous

I have failed my test twice now! the second time I was so confident in passing but didn't. the disappointing thing is that the NASM doesn't give me a score of how many I got right and how many I got wrong so how do I know how I did???
very frustrating! can anyone help with this?

my thoughts
by: Anonymous

Thinking about it now I feel the reason they dont give you the grade has to do with money. If you pass, great you dont have to retest and although it sucks that you cant see your grade, youre going to go on without a fuss. But what if you fail? what if you fail by one question? chances are you will pay to take it again. But what if you fail by ten questions? maybe you'll say to yourself maybe this isnt the right field for me, and you will not PURCHASE another test...All has to do with the almighty dollar and psychology.

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