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I worked for 24 hour Fitness

by Tye Stewart
(San Marcos, CA 92078)

I would never recommend working for 24 Hour.
First, they don't care how qualified the trainers are. They just want to make money any way possible. Most trainers are not in good shape. (It's like a dentist telling their patients they need to floss everyday, but they are wearing dentures.) I personally sold more personal training than anyone else in the gym. And it wasn't an ego thing either, personal training is my passion. I live the life style I train others to live. FYI, when new members sign up for Personal Training those contract are given to the PT Manager to disperse out to the PT. At least the gym I worked for, the new contracts were given to selected people. And they didn't pay any wages when you were not training, so your income depended on working the floor for FREE. And hoping to sale contracts.

Second, my pay checks were always short. It was never ending with having to track down money owed.

I would suggest starting your own business.

If you are just starting, you might want to try working for a gym for a while.

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I worked for them 24hr and found the same thing.
by: Marc

I was at a gym that was bought out by 24 hr nautilus at the time and they had me train some new trainers. They gave me people who knew nothing but looked good. I couldn't believe the lack of knowledge of these new trainers. I was so dissapointed. I then transfered up to another city and a new gym still 24 and they charged me for my shirts and then didn't pay me the full paycheck. I already had my own shirts and they still charged me. I never got my full paycheck and i quit and started my own business. I hope they do a better job of training people today. Thanks for the comments. I have a 4 yr college degree and am ACSM certified.

Wouldn't even work out t here anymore
by: Anonymous

I won't ever work out there anymore. Their "trainers" keep bugging me when I work out and they are fat n lazy too.

Annoying "Trainers"
by: Anonymous

Every time I try to have a workout at a 24 Hour Fitness during hours between 5am and 8pm one of their idiot trainers will come up to me or someone around me and try to sell personal training. I've been told that I am using bad form, won't meet my goals, don't have a commitment to fitness and lack the education to do well at the gym. I had two national personal training certifications, a lifetime in the fitness industry and have studied nutrition since I was a teenager. I have told their manager to stop having his knucklehead "trainers" insult me but it hasn't stopped. I'm not renewing my membership at 24 Hour Fitness.

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