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IFPA Certification Suggested Changes

by Joan

I've seen your "Personal Training Certification School Comparison" chart. I wanted to submit a correction for your consideration.

What I am about to say I know from experience and it can also be verified by one phone call to one of the certifying bodies listed.

Concerning the IFPA: I purchased it about 3 years ago. Prior to purchasing, I called and was put in contact with (then) one of their program managers (no longer there). Prior to purchasing the Personal Training package, we spoke several times, traded emails, etc.

I was told that when I was ready to test, they would have one in my area usually annually (I live in the Washington, DC area) OR if a workshop wasn't available, I could go to a library and get a library employee to "proctor" the test for me. The proctor would have to complete certain forms, etc.

Under "Availability," you have "US MAJOR CITIES." That needs to be changed to VERY LIMITED. Again, you can call for yourself. This is not just for my city. I was told that they have to have a certain number of people to sign up (yet nothing is never advertised on their site so how would one even know they'd have to express an interest). I totally understand the rationale behind it, but again, the problem is that NO ONE KNOWS as they do not email those who purchased the package, they do not call, they don't send you a letter, nor do they even use their own site to advertise this.

Now because one hasn't been to my city, I would have to START ALL OVER AND PAY NEARLY $500.00 JUST TO TEST! And I paid around $300.00 for the study materials 3 years ago.

Second issue with IFPA: Under " INDUSTRY RECOGNITION", that needs to be updated to "LOW" (currently rated-MEDIUM-HIGH). Monica Neave, of emailed me a year or so ago and told me she wouldn't recommend it because it is not recognized. And I've noticed that myself.

Lastly under: "MATERIAL COSTS," you have "INCLUDED." I'm not sure what you mean by included (what is included). The exam IS NOT INCLUDED. It is at least another $200.00 and my case, nearly $500.00 (and I just called them under 2 months ago to inquire).

The chart doesn't appear to have been updated and I'm sure you're very busy, but at the same time, I'm sure you want your audience to get as much accurate information as possible about these organizations and their offerings.

Had I even known what I found out on the fly above, then I would not have wasted my money with them. Now I am stuck with materials that I simply just can't use and are collecting dust. Really.

Also, ISSA's CPT is cheaper than the $798.00. I got mine for under $500.00 (and it wasn't a special, either).

Thanks so much. -Joan.

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