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India Personal Trainer Salary

I work in Bombay, India. I work as a Personal trainer independently since last 6 years. I charge Rs.3500 per month(around $87 US dollars.) In a month there are 12 sessions of one hour each. I still want to progress and do better.

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Get certified, Be confident and Charge more
by: Raj

I'm also a personal trainer, working in Delhi. All I say is that if you are good and if you know what you are talking about, people will pay you.

Try to take a group class
by: Yam Thapa

I am also a personal trainer in mumbai. I also teach kickboxing and judo. I am doin this from one year now. I started with Rs 500 per session (12 sessions in advance) and If more than one client at a time, I charge between Rs. 300-400 per session per head.

Get Certified
by: Xavier

Hi my name is Xavier from Goa.I'm also ISCA & IFA Certified Personal Trainer and certified Sports Nutritionist.Fitness Qualifications,experience in fitness industry and confidence in your ability and yourself are some of the key factors if you want to get started into personal training business.Once you have all these you can charge your client INR 500/hour.Motivation,getting result for your clients a must for your success to charge higher rates.Remember people talk and if you give them desired results your present clients will get you more clients.Good Luck

how much salary ill get in personal training
by: Anonymous

hi iam new to this field i want to join personal training course.Can i expect good salaries as personal trainer

I also want to do Personal Trainer course
by: Kapil


I am Kapil from chandigarh and i want to do Personal Trainer course. So kindly suggest me from which institute i can do course.

My mail id -


Persoanl Training Provider
by: Jason Leigh

Hi Gentelman,

I represent a brithish sports academy who provide Persoanl Trainer Courses. We are an international Buiness who recently expanded into india.

our corses are some of the best in the wolrd. see our website here:

if your interested give me an email.

previous cases in the middle east show salery increases of 40% (average).


personal trainer
by: amit

HI I have done a course of personal trainer and Just want to know how much I can earn In thid field.

Personal Trainers in Mumbai
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I am looking out for certified personal trainers in Mumbai. We have some of the best HNI clients in Mumbai and we would like to outsource some of our clients to them. Please contact us through the contact page of our website - Do remember that all trainers will have to be subject to reference checks and background verifications. Thank you!

Personal training
by: Uday shirodkar

My recommendation will be to first understand what fitness training is and then to improve comunication skills. You need to be completely in command of the the work you will be taking. Keeping your self respect and giving true service to the clients. Everything else will follow on its own. Good wishes to all.

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