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Interviewer no show.

by Jason

I went for an interview at the 24 HOur Fitness in San Jose California today, and drove about an hour to get there, and the fitness manager didn't bother to show, or even call and cancel. That is unprofessionalism at its finest. I thought some companies I previously worked for had bad management, but this doesn't compare.

I walked in to the club which was quite busy, and the receptionist who was clearly out of shape gave a bad attitude right off the bat, called the back office in front of me and said "there's THIS GUY here to see _____).

I really don't know how no one working in a club doesn't know that someone called in sick. The Manager called me I didn't call him yesterday to set up the appointment, and told me it's quite a far drive, are you okay with driving out... And when he called me today, he said, "I didn't have your number." That's what a resume is for, it has all my info on it. I can't believe he didn't even call the club and tell them he wasn't going to be able to see me toady. What a jerk!

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Interviewer no show at Frisco, Texas
by: Anonymous

What's been described above by Jason is the norm for 24 Hour Fitness. The same happened to me at the 24 Hour Fitness located in Frisco, Texas off Preston Road. I showed up at the fitness facility for an interview as scheduled by the interviewer only to find out the interviewer was not there. Mind you, that I took the time to prepare for the interview, took time-off work, and had others drop-off my kids at daycare besides me in order to make it to the interview on time. Despite all this, the interviewer didn't even have the decency to call me to apologize. Not only was this unprofessional but it was cowardliness at its finest.

24 Hour Fitness Interviews
by: JET

I went up for an interview last month. I drove 36 miles from where I live and the hiring manager did not even introduce himself to me. I waited for 20 minutes before anybody came to talk to me about a job there. It turned out to be the sales manager who talked to me. He made an excuse for the fitness manager not talking to me and than tried to offer me a job in the sales. I acted very calmly and explained to him that I applied for the personal training position not for a sale position. He than responded back by telling me that I couldn't be a personal trainer there unless I had my certification. I wished that they had told me that way before I had an appointed time for an interview. The website stated that certification was not required and that they would help you obtain it. I thought, "Cool! I really need a job to help pay for the exam." After all of that nonsense, I finally took my exam and paid for it with my tax returns. I still haven't been able to get a job at 24 Hour Fitness even with my certification.

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