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Is the ACSM Workshop worth it?

by Jen
(St. Louis)

I decided to become certified in personal training because I have worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant for 10 years in many different settings with many different types of patients and am tired of dealing with insurance. Also,I get so many patients coming through with back or knee pain because their personal trainer trained them incorrectly.

With my extensive medical background, I can't decide if it is worth my money and time away from my children to attend the workshop. Exactly what do they cover?

Comments for Is the ACSM Workshop worth it?

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It was okay, but probably not necessary if you're willing to work really hard on your own.
by: Anonymous

I wasn't very impressed by the workshop. I had studied my a** off for 3 months previously, and by the time I got to the workshop it all seemed like review- and even a little watered down, not supplemental & more in depth.

We did do a little bit of hands-on stuff which was helpful, but in the end, I don't think it was worth the $375 I paid.

the 1 day?
by: Anonymous

Has anyone here been to the one day seminar?

Is it worth it??
by: J.T.

I went to the workshop even before i got my materials...there was alot i knew but an enormous amount i didnt. If i could have done it different i would've given myself time to read the materials first a bit...HOWEVER there was a good study guide packet that gives you page numbers to reference specifics like Principle of Overload/Specificity..this can save you a large amount of time. Also the workbook you get has alot of specifics even calculation pages to get the formulas if your not sure what they are. For me this is a HUGE change coming out of the retail sector after 17 yrs. The expenses that you make for a career change are all tax write offs as an expense.

I don't have a completed college degree and have no desire to finish it...LOL...however, acsm is the gold standard and i will be the only one with this cert, if i can pass it, with in like 4-5 gyms in my area..THATS HUGE!!!!

The quality of your trainer is huge too...ours went through stuff pretty fast so pay far as the one day..dont do it unless your tryin to aquire cec's...the sunday seminar only last about 4 least where i was...So in my opinion i feel it was worth it...specially meeting a couple of people from that area who are good friends now...hope this helps a bit...J.T.

ACSM Let-Down
by: Darnell

I flew from Minneapolis to a suburb of Chicago (Rolling Meadows) to attend the ACSM 3-day workshop and it's the worst feeling of buyer's remorse I've ever had. I spent over $1,000 for the cost of the hotel, workshop, etc. because I was sure it would be well-worth the money. It wasn't. It wasn't worth 10% of the amount I spent. I almost lost all respect for the ACSM certification after this workshop.

First of all, the instructor looked like she was like 80 years old. In a sense, that's fine. But at least have someone that looks like they entered the industry after the Billy Blanks era to present the information.

Secondly, she spent alot of time pitching ASCM products. That's fine, too, except for the fact that it was time that I paid for.

Thirdly, she used a workbook that had her own fitness company name on the front of it to teach from. It had all the same information that is in the ACSM textbooks word-for-word. She basically just took some notes from the books for us and presented it like it was new information. By the way, I had read all of the ACSM textbooks before the class. That's why I knew that we were all paying money for re-fried beans.

Fourthly, we took needlessly long lunch breaks. Some as long as 1hour 30minutes.

I could go on and on about what a sham the whole workshop was, but I'll stop here. At the end of the day, I am still going to get my ACSM certification because I realize that there are probably better workshops being taught somewhere and the cert. is still best of the best.

But let it be duely noted that the workshop was a complete clunker. So much so that I didn't even attend the final day.

You decide for yourself.

by: J.T. Wood

Dang!!!! Darnell....Dood that sounds like a horrible experience. Glad mine wasnt that bad..My issue is that these workshops aren't even conducted by ACSM..its a 3rd party company that sets em' up...Oh well..I cant believe this trainer actually had her own company stuff on the workbook..Thats just silly...My instructor could'be been a model and had the brains to go with it...In my situation the workshop was only 2 hr drive away and i could use the networking with others to help...I've made 2 great friends who are experienced trainers...The price is another question!!! Some certifications you can get the books, exam, and workshop for under 375 bucks...but...again...Acsm is the gold standard..Darnell...I hope it works out man..i'm going for my second exam on friday...good luck..

A totally different experience.
by: Anonymous

I took the 3-day workshop in Indianapolis and I thought it was great. Instructor was fantastic, had tons of experience AND is the coach of the US Martial Arts Team. I thought it was money well spent and yes, I did have to stay in a hotel also. I look forward to the day I take the exam and become certified with ACSM.

ACSM CPTworkshop fabulous!
by: Anonymous

I loved the ACSM workshop I took. The workshop actually has a very good reputation.

Thanks for your feedback on the workshops
by: BK

Thanks for posting your feedback. I tried a couple of years ago to sign up for a 3 day workshop in my area & they cancelled it at the last minute. I was not impressed. Now I'm trying to find out if they have sufficient people to sign up for a 3 day workshop that's out of my area and I can't even get a call back from ACSM.

I know ACSM is supposed to be the gold standard but so far I have had a very underwhelming experience with them so far. It doesn't matter if they set up workshops all over the country if they're just going to cancel them all.

I'm going to give them one more shot because I really would like the 3 day in person approach (after all, personal training is a business dealing with actual people) but if they can't deliver this time, I'm going to have to go with a different organization altogether. Have heard many positives about NASM for example.

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