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NASM is the best CERT

For all of the people that are hating on NASM is because they either cant pass the test or are upset about something.
IT is expensive and very hard for a reason. It provides a lot of critical information on fundamentals of training and gets in dept with anatomy and physiology.
If you want something easy and basic, go get certified in ACE.
IF you want to be recognized as knowing your material and putting in work to learn more than basics then put in the time and get Certified with NASM.. its worth it.

Comments for NASM is the best CERT

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Did you ace ACE?
by: Anonymous

How do you know ACE is basic and easy? Have you taken it and ACED it? Because if you didn't-how can you talk about it?

A certificate cant make you a trainer
by: Doychin

I think any certificate is just a start and what you do after that with your clients really matter. Today we have google, you tube, facebook, blogs... tons of information is accessible on our cell phones. What clients value is our ability to use all our knowledge, information and contacts to help them with their fitness/wellness goals. I've seen bad trainers with Masters degree and Excellent Trainers with just an online certificate.

Good point Doychin
by: Anonymous

Yes...the cert is a mere detail to actual personal training...I say get the cheapest you can...because there isn't anything in those certs that will make you a trainer...I have trained trainers with degrees in exercise science and who have spent thousands on their education and yet have very little skill as a personal trainer...More than once I have been told that they learned more from me about personal training in their 100 hours of internship than all the time spent in the classroom acquiring a degree...
As far as I am concerned it doesn't matter which cert you have or even that it is expired...One is enough...The trainers at my studio are fitness experts with over 10,000 hour of hands on experience.

I have the NASM PFT Essentials textbook and I think it is excellent, unique, and very holistic educational course
by: Ricky

The textbook goes very in depth on practical program design, is very caught up on the latest trends, its the most complete book I read on how to apply functional training principles and has great introductory info on corrective exercise concepts and methods. The concept of integrating various forms of exercise for functional movement performance over just generic body sculpting and improved heart health and aerobic capacity so its a real step up. The exercise techniques listings and exercise testing procedures is definitely not the generic exercise tests and techniques and alot of variety and creativity is offered. The OPT model also provide a systematic, holistic, and organized means to program design, is flexible to a variety of situations and goals. The OPT Model also serves as a series of guidelines for a beginner personal trainer and can help organize a more experienced trainer but contrary to the statements from NASM haters, the program is not a cookie cutter program due to its flexibility and the basic (introductory) textbook is around 600 pages long not including the advanced study programs and continuing education courses which are based on the OPT Model. Along with the basic NASM Textbook, I suggest supplementing NASM with ACSM study materials for a more complete introduction to personal training. The NASM material will provide detailed functional anatomy, and holistic, practical program design. ACSM will provide clinical knowledge to program design, professional practices guidelines and standards, in depth look into health screening and clinical risk assessments, how to integrate life coaching techniques to the practice of personal training, and a strong in depth introduction to business practices and legal aspects of personal training. Ive found ACSM and NASM complement each other nicely. The ACSM books im referring to are ACSM Resources for the Personal Trainer, ACSM Certification Review, and ACSM Guidelines to Exercise Testing and Prescription.

Top 4 Certs
by: Anonymous

I have passed all CPT exams except for ACE which I didn't take, just because I didn't need it, but I was able to see the exam and books from a friend that taught the ACE course. I've also helped people study for and pass all of these tests, and aftewards I can say that the order (at least for me) goes:

1) ACSM - for those who really wanna know their stuff and help people progress or recover from injuries. Hardest test ever!
2) NSCA - awesome for CPT's and those training athletes, though very difficult test, but not as hard as ACSM
3) ACE - more covered in this cert than most
4) NASM - This cert gets a lot of credit in Southern California, but it's really not that amazing. I was shocked at how easy this test and books are.

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