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NASM Study Tips - I found to be the best resource

by Sabrina
(Cupertino, CA USA)

I took the test today and passed. I agree with what most people have already posted, know the OPT model, know how the regressions and progressions for an exercise (e.g.floor, half foam roll, airex pad, dyna disk and two legs stable, one leg stable, two legs unstable, one leg unstable ); know what exercises go with what stages; review your CPR/AED cheat sheet (e.g. check the scene, know compressions); be familiar with self myofascial release exercises; be familiar with the overhead squat assessment and what muscles cause the imbalances; know the recommended intake for the macronutrients; the professional development questions are all common sense; there were quite a few terms on the test, e.g. neuromuscular efficiency, synergistic dominance, dynamic joint stabilization, strength endurance, hypertrophy, plyometrics, agility, structural efficiency, EPOC, general and specific warm-up, etc.; know the assessments for subjective and objective information; how long to hold a stretch; which exercises would be appropriate for special populations; postural considerations during cardio training; fat burning zone myth; know the benefits of balance training, know how to land during a power exercise; know the training systems (single set, multiple-set, pyramid, superset, circuit training, vertical and horizontal loading); know the acute variables; know the READ system; CEU requirements; know the definition of root cause analysis; know what energy system is being used during the different zones.

My test only had one picture that I had to identify. I'm a visual learner so I just tried to visualize the rest of the questions where applicable.

Now that the test is over, in my opinion, the best "study guide" that related to the test I took was the NASM Study Tips.

Thanks to everyone's post on this subject. I found it extremely helpful.

Now I'm onto my next Cert!

Comments for NASM Study Tips - I found to be the best resource

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by: Lydia

This guy who posted doesn't bother to tell you WHERE to find the study tips, and it's tricky, so I'll tell you. You do not have to buy NASM's study guide and spend more money. Most people have said the study guide they bought was no good anyway, just another way for NASM to get into your pocket.

The FREE and very specific NASM study tips can be found in the 'Resources' tab in your educational section in your online materials. Click into CPT3 online course, and then you'll see three tabs at top. Click into "Resources', and this will lead you to the study tips if you scroll down to see what's in there.

Download and print the pages to use as a guide, or hand-write out the pages on separate paper, which is better, because your mind is absorbing what is going to be on the test as you write.

There are umpty-ump tables and figures, plus several things in BOLD RED that are plainly warning you to know them. As per normal, it's long and wordy but I just hand-copied it and used abbreviations on things that were repetitive. I still haven't actually gotten around to applying the study tips and am re-scheduling my test so I have another week to contemplate. Also, my personal feeling is that one should review the study tips maybe four days before the test so everything is fresh instead of fretting over them for weeks.

by: Brittany

So, I'm trying to prepare for the certification and I think I'm overdoing it just a bit. Do I need to study what is on starting on page 68 about all the different muscles and their functions in chapter 4.

looking for study partners
by: Anonymous

basically i am trying to pass the nasm test as well. first anyone bought the practice test on here and does it work. second if any one in the san francisco bay area california looking to study you can get me on my email at I check it everyday. so if any one interested let me know.

CPT Version 4
by: Anonymous

Has anyone taken version 4 of the CPT exam? Just wondering if NASM has included anything above what is posted here.
(The study material here says version 2 and others post about version 3.) Thanks.

** editor's note ** The version 2 on our exam prep course is an independent numbering system. It has nothing to do with the NASM version. We keep our online course content continually updated as the certifications make changes.

Help with Locating Study Tips on CPT4 site.
by: Anonymous

Where can the study tips you reference be found in the NASM CPT 4 Online course? Thanks in advance for your help!

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