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NBFE Accreditation versus NCCA Accreditation

by Kathy

What is the difference between the NBFE (National Board of Fitness Examiners) that AFAA is affiliated with, and NCCA? Is one preferable to the other?

Comments for NBFE Accreditation versus NCCA Accreditation

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AFAA is not accredited
by: Liz

This is not an accredited certification program. I don't know why they are not. If you work for a gym, choose a cert that is accredited by the NCCA. This was SO disappointing after all this study. I found out the hard way.

AFAA is accredited, just not by NCCA
by: Katie - Admin

While I can't really compare and contrast the accreditation process of the NCCA versus NBFE, I do know that NCCA is the only accreditation that seems to matter in the personal training world. That doesn't mean that NBFE is bad, or that AFAA is a bad certification, they have just chosen a different path.

I'll leave it up to our clever readers to further distinguish between NBFE and NCCA.

- Katie

NBFE is better because...
by: Heath

Not only is NBFE made up from medical, legal and fitness industry experts, but its test is so challenging that it requires a similar level of expertise for a nurse to get licensed. Unlike the NCCA, which is broad and is not recognized by states or the federal government, the NBFE is focused on the fitness industry. Pretty much, the NBFE is the fitness industry version of the Association of American Colleges, the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Institute of Certified Personal Accountants. So, to answer the question, PTs that get certification from NBFE affiliates are better off.

NBFE Accreditation versus NCCA
by: Anonymous

I have the study guide for the NBFE and it is very tough. They are a better certification. I did a little research into the NCCA and I happen to come across a something about accreditation mills. It just so happens that NCCA is one of them that is not recognized. Search accreditation mills on google and you can make your own decision from there..

AFAA vs. NCCA Accreditation
by: Anonymous

I cannot comment on the overall value of the certifying boards themselves, however I can give you my opinion. I currently hold the ACSM, NSCA and NASM under the NCCA umbrella, all of which required me to have a Bachelor’s degree to sit for the independently administered test. I am also certified through AFAA in Group Fitness, which required an 8 hour course. Although there was some very good information within the course it is basically teaching the test you take at the end of the day. Just to show I am not bias, I also have attended four additional AFAA workshops. The information is good but only if you have a foundation of exercise science to build on. As a fitness director, I am looking for trainers that took more than a three days course, unless it is in addition to a larger fitness base. Just my opinion.

The Fitness Director
by: James B

Hey fitness director, you are not being truthful. You do not need a degree to get a NASM certification. You also do not need a degree for any Personal Training certification from any other organization. ACE, NASM, NESTA all are the same as ISSA except are accredited by another body. Just because a PT as a cert with NCCA accreditation doesn't mean they know more than the one with NBFE. I have a cert with both and friends with either one only. You are a so-called fitness director and have a poor attitude. I could only imagine how you run the business that hired you.

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