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NESTA Exam Experience

by Hiram
(Houston, TX)

Just got back from taking my NESTA exam for the PFT2.0 certification. The exam I took (remember that there are different versions) was broken into 5 sections:

1. Science
2. Business
3. Program Design
4. Exercise Application
5. Assessment, Safety, and Injury Prevention

In order to prepare, I first read the NESTA manual cover to cover, then went back and underlined/highlighted the answers to the "Exam Alert" questions in the book. I then signed up for Katie's exam prep (a steal at $25) and worked through the series of 20 quizzes until I could consistently pass them.

For the next 2-3 weeks, I alternated between reviewing the answers to the "Exam Alerts" in the NESTA manual and Katie's online quizzes. By the time my NESTA exam date came around, I was in peak mental shape finishing the 100 question NESTA exam in less than 40 minutes (you get 2 hours) and scoring a 93.

Someone else on the forum had suggested really studying chapters 9-13 in the manual and I found that this was really good advice. Katie's online course really focuses on science, nutrition, and exercise application so I was well prepared to name every bone and muscle in the body as well as what muscles are worked in each type of exercise. However, the NESTA exam didn't really cover that much anatomy or physiology. But again, remember that there are different versions of the NESTA exam so maybe your version will include more of these types of questions.

Where I felt Katie's course was kind of light was in the areas of business development and program design. Of course, these topics were specific to the NESTA manual and Katie's course is trying to cover all certifying programs, not just NESTA. Still, I got a lot of questions about how to build your fitness business as well as several scenarios where I was asked to design an exercise routine for an individual with specific physical limitations and/or goals. Again, you need to really study chapters 9-13 in the NESTA manual, especially chapter 9 on Program Design (you really need to know the NESTA "Strength Training Pyramid" - I had 4-5 questions on this) and chapter 12 on the Business of Personal Training.

Would I take Katie's course again? Absolutely. Did it help me prepare for my exam? Positively. Taking Katie's course was like getting Michale Phelps to help me compete in a neighborhood YMCA swim meet -- I blew the competition away! Even though it was major overkill in a lot of areas, it (1) was well worth the money and (2) provided a lot of supplemental information that helped me to understand some areas I was unclear about (even though I didn't realize I was unclear). In short, it's helped me become a much better trainer.

Thanks Katie!

NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

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Great Feedback on the NESTA exam
by: Katie - Admin


Thanks for sharing your experience with this exam. This forum has been a bit quiet compared to some of the other exams so it is good to see more participation.

Thanks for your feedback on our exam prep course. I have been aware of some fo the deficiencies in our first version. So we have been working hard the last six months to come up with a certification specific exam prep course (and yes, NESTA is included).

In fact, we are releasing version 2 of the course this week (late July 2009).

Congratulations on passing your exam!

- Katie

Where can I find Katies online course?
by: Raj

Hello Hiram,
Thank you for the feedback on the exam. I have just started preparing for the exam and would like to buy Katies online course for 25$. Where can I find it? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Katie's online prep course
by: Anonymous

Katie's online prep course is the prep course on this site. It's $32? now but it's worth it. I just passed my NESTA exam yesterday

I passed the exam!
by: Tina

Thanks Katie for your help on the prep course that I got from you. It sure did help me practice and prepare myself for the exam.
I took the exam on Sunday and was anxious to wait for 3 weeks to find out if i passed of not, so i paid tem extra $15 dollars to find out within the next two days and yesterday i was waiting for the email allll day, i finally recieved it and it passed! 82 outtta 100... this meant so much to me!

the exam was not all that hard at all. the workship really helped too and the material they provided was all you needed to study to pass the exam. I only studied for two weeks and I did it!

by: Samantha

where can I find the link for Katie's course?

here is the course
by: Katie

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