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NESTA is a meaningless certification

Flooding the market with "personal trainers" whose only qualification is watching TV and taking a test is weighing down the whole industry. Without real standards we just devalue what it means to be a personal trainer. Do you really expect somebody to pay you $60 an hour to hear what you learned on a video?

Comments for NESTA is a meaningless certification

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NESTA is a good start, but it is just the start
by: Katie - Admin

While I agree that the NESTA certification is insufficient to prepare somebody to be a personal trainer, I think it is a good start for many people. The problem is when trainers get their NESTA certification and stop learning. There is much more to being a personal trainer than what you can learn on some videos. It takes ongoing educations and study.

I encourage all young trainers to embrace their new careers and continually learn to make themselves more valuable to their clients but to also make them respect themselves more by delivering a quality service to the public.

- Katie

by: Edge

Every Certification comes with a video. If you think NESTA is meaningless, try telling that to Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser, and Jackie Warner of Bravo's Workout. Both are NESTA Certified. Jackie charges $400/hr, but i'm not sure about Jillian

It's called Personal Training for a reason...
by: Jhonas

You must not of taken or understood the material in the NESTA certification. The research and applied methodologies are leading the industry. It's called Personal Training for a reason; if you feel somebody is going to pay you $60 per hour because of solely what you've learned - you are going to fail miserably and should pick another industry!

NESTA certs are top of the line..
by: Phil

For the individual that stated that NESTA certs are meaningless.
You really show know what you are talking about before posting nonsense.

NESTA is becoming standardized, being just weeks from NCCA accredited.

Do Your Research!
by: Jeff Moore

For those who think NESTA is meaningless or just a good start. YOU ARE WRONG!! They are NCCA accredited now and that puts them with the "big boys" of the training world. I challenge you to take any of thier certs, you will not be dissapointed. As with ANY cert out there, the learning process does not stop with the cert test. (which is a proctored exam) Just because they are affordable does not make them less than the best.
If you believe that you will surely fail. Their science based approach to understanding joint integrity and muscle mechanics is top of the line. With client safety being the number one factor. You should be able to scientifically approach a workout. They also heavily stress client assessments a truly vital part of a trainers job. After all, we dont want to reinforce unsafe movement patterns in our clients. Give NESTA a chance they are truly worth it. Before you make such comments you should do your research! Research, a part of every trainers job, when designing the best possible workout for your training clientel. Good Luck in your training endeavors and opinions are just that! Do your research and approach topics with facts.
Jeff Moore N.E.S.T.A PFT

Waste of money
by: Anonymous

NESTA programs are pretty much a joke. If you would like to actually learn something, and become a knowledgeable certified fitness professional go with another company. Before you choose a company, make sure you research all certification programs and what they offer. ACE and NASM are both two great companies, but make sure you choose what's best for you. When you choose NESTA, you're completely wasting your money. Their customer service is very poor, delayed response time and not helpful.

by: Lance Hamilton

I'm currently in the final stages of the master personal trainer certification. I have been very pleased with the content. I'm a physical education teacher and therefore, had to take many college courses that were related to the same content. Those courses helped prepare me for teaching. Actual teaching makes you a great teacher. Without the degree there is no opportunity. NESTA gives you the knowledge and opportunity to be a personal trainer, etc... Hours of practicing your craft makes you great. There are numerous universities and numerous personal training companies. I happened to choose Western Kentucky University and NESTA and am pleased with my choices thus far. Go JSE. How many CEO's answer emails from complete unknowns like myself and give me the answer I need in less then 30 min.

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Do it. Its GREAT!!!!!

by D. Cooper
(Chicago, IL)

I took this certification recently in Chicago.
The instructor was very good and the overall experience was beyond what I expected.

The quality of the workshop content was a great mix of new research and a teaching style that encourages making the most of this research. As our instructor said, "its not enough to know this - but what do you do with it?". This challenged everyone in class and made the experience a great one for me.

I would HIGHLY recommend NESTA and our instructor, Mark Teahan. He was very knowledgeable and made this workshop the BEST I have ever taken.

You wont regret taking this course.

Comments for Do it. Its GREAT!!!!!

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NESTA: Moving to the Top!
by: Dr. M. Regan

NESTA is accredited, it's accepted by all major gyms, celebrity trainers (e.g., Jillian Michaels) are NESTA certified, they're affiliated with the Spencer Institute, and together (NESTA and Spencer Institute) offer approximately thirty-five CEU/Recertification courses ranging from corporate wellness, boot camps, speed and agility, and martial arts, just to name a few. No other PT organization offers this many quality recertification options.

Perhaps some of the bad comments are because at one time NESTA was not accredited. However, they are now, and they are cost effective and require recertification every four years. Most other organizations require recertification every two years; the four-year period does not take away from their quality, since the number of CEUs turns out to be the same as others over a four-year period.

They are a win-win-win choice: accredited, cost and recertification time frame, and many quality recertification options.

Should I consider retaking the test?
by: Anonymous

I recently just took the NESTA certification and I'm also about done with school for a certification with ACE, I wanted to get both cause that looks better but with ACE I have to wait longer. But unfortunately the test didn't go so well and now I have to wait thirty days to retake the test. My first thought was that's a little to long to wait to retake a test. Plus now I would have to pay $200 to retake where my school would eventually pay for me to take my ACE test. So I'm asking what would be the best thing for me to do in this situation?

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