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NYC Personal Training Schools

by Greg
(New York, NY)

I live in New York City and I have recently graduated from two schools that have provided me excellent educations in the health and fitness industry. Both offer Associate Degrees as well as Certificates. Perhaps you will consider providing this information for those people from greater NYC who visit your site. Here is the information:

City University of New York, Kingsborough College
Degree: Associate of Applied Science in Exercise Science/Personal Training
Certificate: Exercise Science/Personal Training

Time: 2 years; Less if you have transfer credits fulfilling the general/liberal-arts/science requirements.

Note: This is a challenging program academically, as it follows and uses the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine. It includes a 100-hour internship program during your last semester of the program. It will require commitment and a lot of time for studying for departmental exams.

Other comments/concerns: The only drawback about this program is that it is ran completely by the director/developer of the program for the school, which means this professor teaches ALL of the Exercise Science/Personal Training degree courses; so, you're getting all your knowledge/experienced based teaching from only one person rather than multiple, other experienced teachers. This could be both a good or bad thing to some people.

Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences
Degree: Associate of Occupational Science in Massage Therapy
Certificate: Personal Training

Personal Training Certificate: This is a part-time program that only requires 2-3 days per week for approximately 2-3 months and is very hands-on in training. It includes an internship program at a local health club right from the beginning of the program. Keep in mind, this program was established for previous massage therapy graduates to roll into this personal training certificate program as an option to add personal training to their massage therapy practice. With that in mind, this program assumes you have completed the basic sciences in Anatomy & Physiology, Myology, Kinesiology, Pathology, etc. If you haven't had these classes, they also offer them as a part of your personalized personal training certificate program.

I hope you find this information valuable enough for your website. I'm certain other individuals interested in pursing health and fitness industry careers in greater NYC, like myself, will appreciate this information.

Best of luck with your web site.


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NYC personal training schools
by: Lina from NYC

I've spent the majority of a week researching the options to becoming a certified personal trainer in NYC.

I was amazed by how much is going on in other states in regards to courses and workshops and found myself frustrated to the lack of local school that are reputable for hands on learning beyond the 2 or 3 day workshops offered by organizations certifying personal trainers such as ACSM, NASM, ACE, etc.

Thank you Greg because of your efforts to share your knowledge I will be touring the Swedish Institute and most likely signing up. There is a saying: "know thy self" I know my style of learning and its in a classroom setting. Online info and textbooks are for homework and complementary to live teaching. There is truly no comparison to having a live instructor when learning something completely new in your life. Thank you for the help you've given your local New Yorkers.

by: jeanclaude

thanks dude that was very helpful i just started thinking about becoming a personal trainer, i have no sort of experience and i'm willing to get started email is

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