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Obesity Niche

by Bonnie

I have been trying to find a program or a certification on working with clinets who are obese. I just became certified in personal training but believe that is where I would like to be is helping clients who are obese, having been there myself. Does anyone know of a program you can study to understanding the best program for clients like this.

Thank you,

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Obesity niche
by: Steve Denby

Hi there,
There are no particular programmes to suit all obese clients as every one is metabolicaly and homeostaticaly diferent. The only way to help these clients is to have them follow their own specific genetic type diet. Obesity is a chronic illness and so one must concentrate on getting the client healthy from a cellular level first in other words build their health to fight the disease as the likely hood is they are diabetic as well as a host of other related problems. Have a look at at or look up Thee metabolic typing diet.


Obesity Market
by: Kathy

Bonnie I think this is a great idea. The key is finding your target audience. They need to know your story. Many very overweight people do not realize that all personal trainers were not born thin! I personally have lost 145 lbs myself. I have been hurt by an inexperienced trainer before and I have learned from those experiences. If you are planning to train in home you might want to research equipment that is extra sturdy. There is equipment to handle the larger client. Remember the larger client is not going to be able to do as much floor work or supine positions since it is hard for them to get up and down.

obese trainer
by: Bonnie

I am currently an obese personal trainer. Does anyone have any thoughts on how you market to the obese population for personal training or group fitness classes. At the gym I work at I will be starting a beginner interval training class, this class is going to be for obese members who are to scared or out of shape for the other classes offered at the gym. Since they are already scared to try classes how do you get them to your class and hopefully a new client. The gym I work at the owner does not like to spend money on marketing, any thoughts on this would be great!!

Obesity Niche
by: Kathy

I think if you are going to do classes you need to make sure they know that they are going to be in a class of beginners. Perhaps you could find some play on words. They have a new reality dating show called More to love. They need to know that the other class members are not gonig to be size 4's and if you have had a great weight loss story they need to know you have been there.

Obestiy MUST involve Fitness & Nutrition
by: Tania Quinones

I commend everyone taking part in the crusade to fight obesity however,it must be realized that to offer fitness without nutrition guidance is not helping enough.

If you really want to target obese people you cannot ignore the major issue of metabolism that is largely responsible for their situation. As movement may be more difficult for this market, sometimes nutrition may have to be your first plan of attack.

As your clients lose weight, start feeling better about theirself, they will become more energized and will want to continue the battle. Point is, exercise may not always be a feasible first option for this population. As nutrition is such an integral part of the equation, if you are to target this market I do not recommend you neglect this aspect.

You will become much more successful if you can really put together a program for your clients that gets to the root of the problem and fixes it for good!

At our company, we run 12-week Corrective Metabolism Training Courses that touch on every aspect of health and thereby fatloss. This program involves: nutrition education & application, positive affirmations, stress reduction, healthy eating, journaling, exercising, group support and the expertise of a coach. As our coach is a certified personal trainer, the fitness aspect really works phenomenally with this program. As everyone knows, the best program is a combination of proper diet and exercise. I recommend you look into some kind of program like this for your own groups.

If the goal is to make money, remember, not all obese people will be easily motivated to work out, but they may be interested in working on their nutrition until their energy levels begin to perk up. At which point, becoming a personal training client will then become an option. You will gain more clients and generate more revenue with a nutrition program in place.

Tania QuiƱones
Get Fit...Do Life! llc

Tania as our Certified Transitions Lifestyle Coach, is also IFPA Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Specialist. Tania has a specific passion for nutrition & wellness
and brings to the table an abundance of knowledge coupled with years of hands on experience making her understanding
of the relationship between nutrition, exercise and metabolism far superior than what is otherwise found.

by: Juli

Hey All,
I am currently going to school to be a Personal Trainer. My goal is to also work with the obese. I am a bariatric patient and my plan/goal is to work with a baratric office. I have a very intense plan that I have worked out and just need to a doctor or two on my side once I graduate. I would think something we need to be educated in highly is cardiac, diabetic, and joint replacement people. I am not sure yet where I need to go for the specialty end of my education, but I've got my eyes open for suggestions!
Good luck!!

Fitness for you Success
by: Naz

i am a personal trainer based in the city of london and work with obese clients. I think the first thing obese clients need is this Willingness to do the exercises and eat properly. And they have to believe that it is possible to loose weight again. As a Personal trainer you are their role models so encourage them all the time. I tell my clients when i have a bad weekend makes me more human and thats its ok to treat yourself too. I find that some clients motivate themselves with the exercise after they get into the swing of it,,but the real hard work is the eating. So as a trainer daily support, emails , texts helps them keep on track too.

If you want to work with Obese Children , its a totally different ball game .

My weight loss and starting my career
by: Patrick

I am looking at beginning a CPT and currently checking out the different Cert programs and exploring my options. This is definitely an area that I am looking at.

I was obese 2 yrs ago. I had broken my neck and injured my back in knees while serving in the army. I was told I could never workout or run again. 12yrs later after going through therapy and nutrition classes and seeing little change. I had given up. My weight at this time was 386 lbs but my biggest was 425 lbs. One day something clicked and I decided I had to make a change.

Exercise is great but I couldn't do much back then so my big gains were in nutrition. I went cold turkey and gave up all sodas, salt, and processed foods. That with what little exercise I could do, I lost 50 lbs in 3 months. So yes they have to be serious about the nutrition part. I know not everyone is willing to go the extreme that I did in the beginning but my clients will have to sign a contract (havent worked out all the details yet) if they want my help. Yes, it is that important. Getting them to track their calories will be a huge obstacle but I feel like if they can see my results then they will be more willing to do it.

Also if you want to be successful you will need good referrals. The last thing you want, especially if you live in a small area, is someone saying that they didn't have any results or saying they gained weight. If I want to succeed then my clients have to reach their goals and I think they will always be their own worst enemy.

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