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Part-Time Personal Trainer?

I am a professional musician just out of grad school but am interested in getting a PT certification because weightlifting and fitness training has been a long-time passion of mine. If I were to express interest and apply for a job at, say, 24 or any other club and told them of my full-time career, would it be possible to be hired with them knowing it will only be part time? I'm not sure how the hours and such work as a PT.



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full time
by: Anonymous

I know that the 24 Hour Fitness centers in the Dallas area will not hire you unless you are planning to work full time. LA Fitness is more flexible. Really depends on the gym and/or chain.

Not worth the time!
by: Anonymous

I had begun with Bally as a partl-timer, but only for the experience. My suggestion is if you want to go part time, do it for yourself, you'll make more money and can do it in your own time. I can help you start, i started from scratch and it's well worth it!

by: Anonymous

I had the same issue when I moved to this area. 24 requires you to be full time, and hourly. So does many of the chains. I ended up going independent and once my name got out there I was contracted by Anytime Fitness to train their clients (on my own time). I am not their employee, just work with them and their clients for personal training and we split the commission. It has been a great experience. So many of the neighborhood gyms (anytime fitness, snap fitness, etc) will have a set up like that.

Yes, it's possible!
by: Kim in PA

I am a full time PFT; I work as an independent contractor for my gym on an as-needed basis while getting my own clients for my own business. When my gym refers a client to me it is up to me to schedule that person according to our schedules (client's and mine) so this arrangement is very flexible and still leaves plenty of time for me to work with the clients that are solely mine. Maybe the larger gyms can't offer this flexibility in scheduling but the smaller and more personal gyms, in my opinion, is where it's at. Best of luck!

exact same situation for me, here`s my experience
by: Voodoo

I am also a professional musician. I cleared about $90K playing guitar the first full year after I graduated from GIT. That was MANY years ago, and I have gone through the cycle in career and life. Family, know the drill. SO now I teach music and do well enough, but was looking for some supplemental income to buy a bigger house. Big gyms will NOT entertain the idea of a part time trainer (or any sales position, for that matter). They have you work split shifts, which will eat up 12 hours of your day. Sure, you get a 4 hour "lunch", but you`re still basically working from 8 to 8. But like some others have posted, if you get into a gym that has a genuine manager that actually cares about providing a pleasant workplace they can be pretty flexible. Just remember that your peak times for client availability is pretty narrow.

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