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Personal Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness

by Samuel Ollivierre
(Coral Springs)

Iv been working for 24hour for the last 2.5 years. Iv worked for other fitness clubs in the past as a Trainer( L.A Fitness, World Gym, and Asylum Fitness club ) . Weighing the pros and cons, i would definitely say 24hour does give the best opportunity for personal trainers to make "decent" money under the current compensation plan.

Yes, the pay could be better, and you may find some smaller gyms that might have a better compensation plan. However with the constant influx of new and current members, if your a people person and passionate about fitness, you should be able to maintain a steady flow of clientel.

The obvious help to the success of your business at 24hour as Trainer and the reason why some fail, is they did not find there social fit, or group in which they attract. Lets me honest, this is a "FITNESS ClUB" in which of all places, Good Looks, Star Quality, Fit Bodies,Outgoing Personalities, or even a Genuine Care for helping people can either make or break u in this business..If people are not drawn to u, u may have a difficult time here. Remember u are on stage in a place where Vanity,Good looks,and Nice Assets are what most potential clients are lusting after..If u have any of those qualities "AND" your willing to work hard, increase knowledge to insure results there should be no reason u cannot excel here. Im not saying u have to be a bombshell! although it helps... BUT U better find another venue in which u can attract.

The great thing about most gyms, is that there is a little of everything...all u have to do, is find out WHO you attract! On the flip side, unfortunately there is a HUGE issue with the amount of new protocols, and other job related task the company demands of Trainers in which they seemingly cannot be clocked in for. Company policy for All trainers is when your training, u clock-in..and when your not,..u clock -out. This raises a HUGE conflict, which ultimately effects the trainer as well as members. Non- session task include...Organizing schedule, Making necessary business calls, Helping members ( potential clients), cleaning the gym floor, helping sell fitness with sales staff (To) , answering questions from members, selling supplements,program design and doing all the other social necessities which in result transfers to a more complete and successful business, which intern makes 24hour a more sucessful company , which translates to more MONEY!!

Yet they do not want to pay us for these tasks.. A 50min training session is not all that this job includes...So why are they only paying trainers for just that? We cannot be clocked in for all these other business necessities?? Working off the clock is something this company can not allow legally!! yet they increase our tasks, and at the same time pressure Trainers to not be clock- in unless we are training...In result the average trainer when pressured my management will result in doing some of these task while not clocked in...Thats madness!! We should be paid for Any job related task that results in better business and efficiency for 24hour....

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by: Anonymous

Go to and read all about it. Much of what you talk about has been adressed in this lawsuit.

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