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Personal Trainers and Multiple Sclerosis

by David
(Peabody, MA)

I am a 41 year old male with MS. I am in very good shape, very defined and a low body fat percentage. I am interested in becoming a personal trainer. Do I need additional certifications to train people with MS?


Comments for Personal Trainers and Multiple Sclerosis

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Living Proof
by: Terry George

I'm a 44 year old, recently certified ISSA personal trainer who has had relapsing remitting MS for 18 years. My first doc suggested that I limit all physical activity as to not 'use up' my stregnth. that lasted the first 7 years. Then, one day, I decided this approach was not working for me. I started weight lifting again(I had previously worked out/played sports all my life) and the rest is history. One attack in 11 years and that one was after a rear end car accident. I hope everyone with MS hears what I am saying!

trainers with MS

I am thinking about a career in personal training. In 2005, I was getting get more involved with cycling and group riding. Upon diagosis June 2005, I researched athletes with MS and saw that it can be done. I started racing my bike, and continue to train at intensity. I just had a feeling it would protect my physical self, and this led to a major commitment to staying active. There are things that I avoid (running for example) because it leads to foot drop, but there's a lot of other options, and ironically, some of my best performances have been on the hottest days (if I plan properly)! To meet my interest in reaching others with MS, I will likely seek advanced cerfication that addresses health conditions, but also seek ideas and advice through the MS society.

by: Erin Dobson

I'm so excited to have come across this page! And even more excited that someone else has been certified through ISSA! I'm 21 - diagnosed with MS at 16. I just got certified for personal training through my college and plan to get certified through ISSA this summer. I've been asking around on various sites if there's an interest in training by trainers w/ ms and I've heard a lot of positive feedback =) Good luck to everyone in their careers and stay strong!

about personal trainers
by: Anonymous

Hi, My name is Dawn Nelson and I am a 44 years old deaf woman living with multiple sclerosis (since 1997). I have always been active and have been exercising since the age of 15. Now, I have problems in both of my knees which greatly restrict my movement. My goal is that i want to get my feet back on. I need help so I am wondering if i can find the personal trainers who can help me to get muscle grow.I live in Hackensack, NJ. Hoe to hear from you

Thank you

Have MS. Would love to exercise.
by: Nicole

Hi. I've been living with Ms since 1998. I was a runner, weight lifter, basketball player. I don't have someone to help me get back on my feet again. I live in west Babylon ny. And would love to have a personal trainer with the same disability I'm living with.Please respond to this comment if interested. Ty kindly.

Advice please
by: Nicky

I'm 48' had MS for 10 yrs and regularly take exercise, I'm currently training for a half marathon and will be doing a marathon in about 7 months, I have done a few triathlons over the years too and play golf a couple of times a week. So I'm pretty active.

Hers the questions, should I plough on when I get some faint MS symptoms, like pins and needles in my hand and lose a little feeling in my lower leg. Neither of which would cause me to fall over or be noticed by others.
Any help is greatly appreciated

I'm a trainer with MS
by: Ron

I got diagnosed in '97. I decided to take some control and went from progressive MS to now being a trainer since 2015. My website is It's not the best site but should give you an idea.

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