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Personal Training in a Bad Economy

by Christa
(Metro Detroit)

I'd very much like to get certified and perhaps make a bit of money teaching what I already preach all the time, but I'm pretty concerned about the chances of success in Michigan's economy right now. You'd think with all of the corporate and automotive headquarters around here that at least that avenue would be decent, but I provide security at the Delphi World Headquarters and have been continuing to witness first-hand the amount of cutbacks being done in every area, including corporate benefits offered to even the executives.

I like to move quickly once I've decided on a course of action, and to put less unneeded stress on myself it would be best if I know ahead of time if this should be a "long-term goal" that I shouldn't work toward extensively until the economy begins to turn around.

Can any of you folks from Michigan, especially SE Michigan, provide some insight into the job/clientele prospects in the current economy?

** Editor's Note: This question can apply to a lot of localities and anyone is welcome to respond **

Thanks much!

Comments for Personal Training in a Bad Economy

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It's never on the outside : )
by: Tom


Becoming an independent personal trainer will automatically make you a salesperson concurrent with your duties as a trainer. The first rule of sales is that external circumstances have nothing to do with your success. Your ability to succeed as a trainer in this economy will be based on, 1. your passion and enthusiasm for helping others, 2. Your willingness to work hard and consistently at building relationships, thereby building business, 3. Your willingness to learn how to be a professional salesperson who understands the rules of the game and is proficient with them. A tough economy only makes it so clients are a little harder to find, you might have to be a little more creative and determined, but it's there if you want it bad enough. Best wishes!

Tom Capobianco
Tailored Fit Personal Training & Yoga

You get back what you put in...
by: Autumn

I agree with Tom. It's all about you. It would be nice if we could roll out of bed and have clients beating down our doorstep, but the fact remains that we will only get as much out of our business as we put into it. I have begun putting more time and energy into the marketing aspect of personal training and have been pleased with the results. In the beginning, it's all about becoming a great trainer ad gaining experience and staying educated. This, however, will only get you so far. At some point, you have to start selling yourself. If you're like me, this is the hard part.Regardless of the economy, if you build it, they will come ;) (As long as there's a billboard telling them where to go!)

Michigan Economy
by: Bonnie

Hello I live in Michigan but on the West side of the state. It is not much better over here. I am in the same position, would like to venture out on my own but scared to. I work at a gym with other trainers and they seem to be doing well with package deals. Good luck!

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