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PROPTA / The Private Trainers Association

by Preston Hillier
(North Hollywood , Ca, USA)

I like your site, it is very informative, but I noticed something that is missing. You talk about certifications and you give your opinion and you have mentioned most of the major ones that are accredited? but you have never mentioned the Private Trainers Association.

They have been around since 1980 and they have the World Best athletes teaching, they are also World Wide in countries that most other or even none others exist.

I just finish a study program by the Private Trainers Association, I do hold other certification like the ISSA, AFAA, NASM, and I thought I was the man, until I attended the Academy program over in Los Angeles, I felt I was starting over, I have learned in six weeks more than I have learn in the past 15 years of training. The info is incredible and the practical is nothing like I have experienced before, I thought I really knew how to workout, but when I observed the PROS, I was in confusion, it is a science, and I have never ever knew that.

So what I am saying here, do some homework and check them out. they are the real thing, real people and they care about the trainer.

I will be going back to get re-certified by the PROPTA again in 2 years. So GLAD my money did not go to waste like before. Don't take my word, go check them out.

just a wise word of mouth!!!

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I do agree
by: Anonymous

The Private Trainers Association is on the right track. The way the PROS do thinks are totally different from the rest, if you want results and learn from the best, and I mean the Best you must check the PROPTA or PTA out, Mike Sable Mr Universe is awsome, even Joe antouri the President of the PTA is always at the academy making sure the curriculum is at its best, Mike Ergas's lecture about business was great, Amy piacentino with nutrition, Rob Godwin with the old training technique, Jem Welsh with advance diet and nutrition, Lenda Murray with exercise, Charles Glass the GURU, awsome classes, this a serious atmosphere and if you want to make the money and know how to be a real trainer, you must interact with the best.

Joe Antouri was so great that he always made sure everyone was satisfied, his somments and pointers during the academy where priceless.

A very successful trainer, He drove his bentley one day, I was chocked, a trainer with a Bentley. But he is not only a trainer, his background is awsome, no wonder he runs the PTA.

Anyway, I can write a newspaper about the PTA and it is all great stuff. If you are serious about becoming a personal trainer, dont waist your money or time, cal the PTA. I mean it.

no they did not pay me to write this, they dont even know I did this, but I am very thankful to Joe and the entire team of the PTA.

Endorsed by the IFBB RPO League
by: Anonymous

The Private Trainers Association is the only certification that does real practical, and without real practical, I don't care how much you study and pass exams, you will never now how to apply practical exercise with your clients, even if you watch videos. you must do it to learn. experiencing such things will make you or brake you.

The Private Trainers Association is the only certification that is endorsed by The IFBB PRO League, Joe Weider, worldwide in 180 countries. I don't see that with other certifications. I got my certification from PROPTA 8 years ago when I had to scrape for money to get educated by the Elite in the business, I am glad I did, because I have my own personal training gym with no time on my hands. I am so busy and I owe it to the PROPTA PROS.

Joe Antouri is a genius for putting this company together. I met him at the academy where he also lectures and maintains the quality of the business.

Congratulations Joe and PROPTA and off course IFBB PROS Directors that are part of this wonderful organization. I owe you and I will always recommend you.


Personal Training certification at its best!
by: Anonymous

I most definitely agree with all the above mentioned. I am so grateful for PROPTA. The curriculum involved in their courses is unbelievable. The staff of Professional Athletes and doctors are so genuine and helpful in so many ways.
PROPTA covers everything from Scientific Principals, Nutrition, Business, everything you can think of to establish your own business. What did it for me was the real live practical application you receive from these PRO's. Books aren't enough, these professionals are physically teaching you whats right from wrong.
I am indebted to PROPTA, for all the blessings i have received all due to the proper education i received from them. Thanks once again to all PROPTA staff.

thank you
by: bahaa

thank you every body
iam 22 years now
and i was wondering what academy should i join
i was think about propta and now after i have read yours reveiws i will defenitely join them
they are in 183 worldwide
they are incredible


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