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The "Not Athletic" Niche

Do you think there is a need or market for a niche that caters to people who do not like to exercise, are not athletic, and are not gym types of people, but who recognize the importance of fitness as it relates to taking charge of their own health and staying well and fit?

Also, do you think a person who is this type of person could even be an effective personal trainer?

I have always been THE MOST unathletic person imagineable. But I am now 40 years old... I am in very good shape and would like to stay that way. I care about staying young and fit and healthy. I have never been extremely "buff" and have never been a "jock" or any kind of athlete (except a cheerleader).

I am very much into natural health, herbs, and nutrition, and feel that fitness goes hand in hand with these interests. As a person with MS, these are the things that have helped me the most in my life to stay functional and well. This is another reason why I am interested in studying fitness...would like to help people who are a lot like myself.

Do you think a late bloomer like me could start in this business and learn what needs to be known?

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moderation and reality
by: Anonymous

Yes! A person not drawn to exercise but who lives a healthy lifestyle can be a great asset and example to any age. And the fact you accomplished it later in life give others encouragement and hope. People get tired of and even intimated by fiercely fit trainers or perky youngsters leading them in the gym. Often younger people have not had the challenges of illness, injuries and aging. They can be somewhat removed from a process of recovery or a newly found desire to turn around a condition that has been stagnant for years or even decades. Plus a well-rounded and grounded lifestyle of health conscious eating makes it all possible.

I am 50, have had horrible illnesses and only can do moderate exercise. But coupled with awareness and healthy eating, people ask me if have been an athlete. I have some good genes but eating light and move lightly regularly, helps one over come anything.

You go girl, give them the real deal, something they can deal with.

by: Anonymous

my kids are all in school and as someone who is now 50 lbs overweight i am looking for a job that will give me the side effects that i want(the new fit and active me). maybe i can follow in your footsteps and do it too. I would much rather hire a trainer that had battled the same problems I face.

Go For It
by: Anonymous

I qualified a couple of weeks ago as a PT and chose to train for many of the reasons you give. I have not been very fit ever, have been overweight for most of my life (35 years). I have started exercising, lost some weight (more to go)and feel loads better for it. I also try to eat well and like to use natural remedies. I have had two bouts of optic neuritis last april and the april before and have been for what seems like thousands of tests and told there is nothing wrong with me. I believe that the fitter and healthier I am, the better for my future well being.

I have been trying to get friends to come to the gym with me or to a class but they don't want to go, but a few are happy for us to go for a good power walk and try some toning exercises in the privacy of their own home, and now my parents want me to train them and my neighbour wants me to do a small group class at her house for her and some friends.

Go for it there are people who need and want the help to be fitter but are too scared to walk into a gym full of skinny youngsters in lycra. There is also some interesting info on the net about exercise and MS and other neurological conditions, so you may be able to get involved with local support groups etc.
Good luck x

by: Anonymous

The issue is that places like curves attract these people.

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