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When to take workshop in process of studying for certification

by Kat R.
(Chicago, IL)

Hi Friends,

Can anyone offer an opinion as to whether it's better to take ACSM's three day workshop when you initially get the exam materials and start studying, OR is it better to wait until closer to the exam date?

Any input will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Comments for When to take workshop in process of studying for certification

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Choosing the best sequential order of study material
by: Jay

Your current knowledge of exercise technique, as well as your knowledge of bio-mechanics, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, should be the determining factor of when you should participate in a workshop. You might not even need it, but it’s always a good idea if it’s in your budget. If you are truly new to the heath and fitness field it might be wise to participate in a workshop, or take a class at a local college, before diving into the very technically and verbosely written ACSM manuals.

It’s a lot easier to pull information out of the ACSM literature after discussing certain aspects of it. While you read, you should have a greater awareness and appreciation for the material. This is mainly due to a heightened state of awareness that normally occurs because you will now be “actively” looking for answers to question that may have arisen during the workshop. Thus, since you will always be reflecting on the workshop, you will have little chance to forget the material.

by: J.T. Wood

Well Kat...Jay says alot...and there is a LOAD of information to consume for the exam...the idea is to take your time and UNDERSTAND what your learning. I made some BIG mistakes when prepping for my 1st exam..yes, i failed the first time by about 5 questions...This next time will be much differnet. I took the workshop even b4 i got my recommendation is to get the 3 books...start going through the cert review book 1st..there are quizzes at the end of each chapter..this will will also get a workbook at your workshop that has alot of info in it..I'd put a couple weeks into the books b4 getting into the workshop..It goes FAST...More that half my class was overall dissapointed in the amount of info covered...Also...Make index cards of important info..good study habit...hope this help...

by: Anonymous

Well, I studied the materials for a year, made sure I knew it well, then took the workshop. I was one of two people who knew what was going on, and the rest seemed fairly clueless. I scheduled my exam a few weeks after that so that everything would be fresh. I scored a 675.

3-4 months
by: Anonymous

I studied the materials and took the test about 2 weeks before the exam. I would recommend studying for 3-4 months and taking the test at the start of your last month. The 3 day workshop helped me out so much. It will show you what topics you need to focus more on and which to not spend as much time.

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