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Where does one get PRACTICAL training for certification?

by Lisa
(San Francisco)

I'm looking into becoming a personal trainer, but am a little confused. There are many certification programs, and I have a fairly good idea of those that are most accepted by "the industry", but I'm unclear as to where one gets the actual practical physical training.

Sure, I exercise a lot, take self-defense, and am generally pretty fit. But I certainly don't believe I have the expertise to safely instruct others. And I don't see how reading a book or looking at illustrations are going to show me that, either.

I do know some trainers, and with one exception, they all began teaching exercise classes/training before certification was required, and got practical experience that way (and are now certified, of course). They all had a background in sports or dance, too.

The one exception attended the NPTI, which is very expensive.
So where does one get that practical experience?


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other school other than NPTI
by: Jimmy

There is another school located in Phoenix, AZ called SETS - School of Exercise, Training and Science. I actually found them on this website and took the program. WOW! What an education, less expensive, less time commitment and and amazing facility! I would highly recommend them. the even placed me in a position where i love training.

Cooper Institute
by: Emily W (KS)

I did my training and got my certification from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX. I do not live in TX but I made arrangements to be able to attend their 4 day personal trainer education classes and I learned so much. I had read the manual 3 times before going down to TX but the in person training was invaluable.

Practical Application in CA
by: Fitnblond

I got my training at FITA Fitness in Newport Beach, CA. They now have two programs that includes practical application. Yes you will have to spend some money but FITA has a 30 year veteran teaching with a Physical Therapy MS and Nutrition BA. The experience was amazing, I can read doctors MRI's and the practical taught me biomechanics, spotting and applied the classroom study. I am more knowledgeable than most trainers I come in contact with and they have been in the business for years! Check it out, I couldn't be happier.

Fitness Trainer Cert.
by: Catlin

In the Los Angeles area, where can one go to become certified to teach a fitness program??

Practical Training Prep for all Certifications
by: Shape Up Fitness

My company Shape Up Fitness offers practical training and certification if you are located in South Florida. Go to to see more info.

How can I get practical training in Europe?
by: liz

I am interested in becoming a personal trainer and work in France (Bordeaux-Toulouse area). Any idea which certificate is recognized there and how can I get practical training?

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