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canfitpro certifications


to say that you get certified in 6 weeks is a stretch. i used to teach the canfitpro certification for them (busy with another job now)and i had kinesiology students fail because they thought they already knew everything.

to their credit, canfitpro is *not* all about the money. if they were, they could charge a lot more for their certs and they are priced lower than most others. they aren't perfect, but having worked with them i know there are good people working there. their position is that their cert is a starting point, not the end of your education.

about their relationship to goodlife, the two companies are owned by the same person (patch evans), but but he owns lost of companies and why wouldnt you want a cert that has in some way been influenced by the most successful fitness entrepreneur in the world?

and if you have a complaint, my experience is that either you didnt read the cancellation policy or you didnt take it up with them. they try to resolve complaints but have to deal with a lot of people who just try to scam out of doing exams (faking dr notes, etc.).

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Its a Money Grab!

by Bob Loblaw

Can fit pro was designed with one thing in mind, MONEY! At $500 bucks a pop you can make a lucrative career teaching people a pile of useless crap they will never use to help people build muscle and develop shape. I have been in the Bodybuilding/Fitness industry for many years and I see these Can fit pro guys come and go.

A) They are in it only to make money.

B) The clients they train look the same as they did when they walked in the door months before, (the only look they have is the look of a drained bank account).

C) Now thanks to them personal trainers have the same status as mall security.

Want to make this work for everyone? Lower your price, make practical training with machines and free weights mandatory, and make CPR training part of the course.

That is my opinion.

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by: Janice

CPR isn't part of Can Fit Pro's personal trainer's course but you must have CPR to become certified as a personal trainer with Can Fit Pro so I think the comment about CPR is irrelevant.

You're right
by: Anonymous

If your mission is to make people look significantly different a month after they started with a personal trainer, they you're missing the whole point. It is absolutely appropriate that bodybulding ego-heads don't understand the purpose of a personal trainer for non-body-builders. Someone who is looking to make a lifestyle change and needs a little coaching usually doesn't want to end up looking like a steroid monkey. Personal trainers are out there helping people improve their lives, one satisfied client at a time.

by: Anonymous

I totally agree only a meat head body builder would say something like that..I have trained for nearly ten years and 90 per cent of the people who see me indicate that don't want to look like a steroid junkie but rather lean and muscular..With that said trainers should know how to body build, along with providing functional workouts that their clients will enjoy..People just want to be healthy and that's where a trainer can help

Yes - Money Grab!!!!
by: Susan

I agree with this article in every way. The Can Fit Pro course info is relevant, but I find it is RARELY passed on to the gym participants. In the case of Personal Trainers - I have watched them at the gym level. These are people with MAYBE high school (no educational requirements in place, to take a Can Fit Pro course - just $$$$$). Many are obese and are in the process of losing over a hundred pounds, and, want to "pass on their newly found passion" for fitness - a joke when these people have obviously been sitting on the couch eating chips for the past 20 years. These "trainers" needed a few extra dollars. The failure rate at Can Fit Pro exams is negligible - anyone can pass. My grandmother could take the course and pass. AND - to be able to "keep" one's newly earned accreditation, one must take more and more courses to keep the original one(s)!! within 12 months. The $$ keeps rolling in for Can Fit Pro, and, the people at the gym level know "a little about a few things" and "not a lot about just about everything else." Watching You Tube videos allows one to look at gym machines and how to use them - the $$ demanded for the services of these mostly uneducated "trainers" - a travesty. The $$ required of the Can Fit Pro "students" for the additional courses they must take to maintain previously earned certifications - also a travesty. As well - making a buck at the gym level - where the high school graduates (or maybe not high school!!) congregate (few University level trainers in evidence) - very difficult. Imagine having a BA or, for example, a hairdressing license, and being forced to shell out hundreds of additional dollars a year just to be entitled to "keep" that original certification?!!!!!! Rediculous.

all about the $
by: Anonymous

seems some people are forgetting that colleges and universities are in it for the money as well. Just because canfit issues credits for paid conferences and workshops doesn't make it a scam... it makes it a business. just like any post secondary institute. I think it boils down to how motivated and passionate one is to make a difference in their life AND someone elses. education aside... anyone who puts in the necessary effort and gives it 100% can be succesfull at PT.

by: Anonymous

The best certification you can have is years in the gym. This is a take off I couldn't believe al the out of shape "trainers" I saw at the last conference. Many of the speaker contradicted each other. I did pick up a few things but it was definitely not worth the fee to attend. If you are truly passionate about something you will learn it period.

So What is the Solution??
by: Anonymous

HI!! I read all the comments and there are a couple of things that concern me about canfit. I agree with the poster who said that a person's level of success in this business will primarily depend on their passion, and people skills, and their own goals. Not everyone becomes a PT in order to train pro athletes or people competing in body building. A lot of PT's just want to help others get healthy. Therefore, I like that Canfit Pro provides a basic and affordable level of training, instead of years of absurd and expensive training that many PTs will not use.

However, my main concern about Canfit is their CEU requirements. That REALLY seems like a cash grab, and potential barrier for some. So my question: is there any alternative to canfit pro? An alternative where you aren't constantly having to worry about those CEU's?

And what's the deal with having to take the CPR course every year? Is there a cheap and FAST place where they can take that test when they've already done their CPR training a million times? Maybe I should become a CPR instructor, or teach CEU's and have an endless supply of consumers who do not choose to buy, but are forced to buy.

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