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Discount CEUs for Personal Trainers

CEUs and CECs represent a big cost to personal trainers. Find out how to get the most credit for your buck.

Now that every certification program is requiring Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Continuing Education Credits (CEC), its time to evaluate the best deals out there.

This topic has grown in importance as many certification require recertification every two years instead of three or more years. It pays to understand the recertification requirements to ensure that you can comfortably achieve them.

What to look for in a CEU?

Just because you find discount CEUs doesn't mean you found a good deal. You should check and see if those CEUs will apply to your certification. Some certs are more picky than others.

If you have two certs, make sure that any CEU classes you complete will apply to both certs. You don't want to do double the classes to keep both of your certifications active.

Now the Deals

We went out to the marketplace and scoured for the best discount CEUs. And frankly there weren't many on offer. Occassionally certifications will run a sale. The best way to catch these deals is to subscribe to their email newsletters.

Here are the deals we found...


Home Fitness Professional Association

An excellent guide to starting a home based fitness business and will knock out about half of your CEU load in one shot.

The course covers topics like:

  • Transitioning from the Gym to Independent Trainer
  • Setting up your business
  • Niche Marketing
  • The Sales Process
  • Professional Image
  • Home Fitness Equipment


The CEUs you earn for each cert are as follows:

Certification CEUs/CECs
ACTION 10 Credits (10 Hours)
NSCA 1.0 (10 hours)

10 CECs (10 hours)

NFPT 1.5 Credits (9+ hours)
NESTA 1.0 Credits (10 hours)
Cooper 10 Credits (10 Hours)
AFPA 8 Credits (8 Hours)
ISSA 10 Credits (10 Hours)
NCSF 7 Credits (14 Hours)
NSPA 10 Credits (10 Hours)

Regular Price: $250

Our Negotiated Price on your behalf: $199

That's right... we got them to give our readers a better deal. So click on this link to take advantage of the savings. The price of the Gold plan will be reduced once you click the Register button. This gives you access to the course for 2 years. Renewal is optional.

discount ceus

Tell us What You Thinks About Personal Trainer CEUs

The section below gives our readers the chance to talk about their experience with the recertification and CEU process or to ask questions. Tell us what you think.

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