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Is AFAA Certification 100% online?

by Brian McTigue
(Clifton, NJ)

I want to take the AFAA personal training certification course online immediately to prepare for a position with the YMCA. Can you please tell me if this can be done completely online (my first preference) and direct me to the appropriate website, or if part has to be done at a training facility, where and when can I do this? Please get back to me ASAP. Many thanks for your help.

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AFAA certification online
by: Katie - Admin

Note: I have updated this response after being corrected by AFAA (thanks for helping me get it right!)

You can get AFAA certified only after taking the 3 day workshop. Online tests are not offered. While a 3 day workshop will definitely get you started, in reality you need much more.

I find that trainers that go the online route or take just a 3 day workshop get stuck in step 3 for a very long time. They don't really know what they are doing and it shows to their clients. Investing a few months and getting educated is a much better way to start a new career.

- Katie

Take the workshop!
by: Anonymous

Check out their website at for the details. It is well worth the effort to sit through the 3 day workshop before the exam. Having worked at the YMCA for 10 years, and received many of their certifications, you will find the AFAA workshop & exam beneficial. AFAA workshops are held at various locations, mostly gyms (including YMCAs). You can search on their website for the location nearest you.

by: AFAA

Dear Katie

Would you please remove your initial statement regarding AFAA's certification process. You cannot take the certification online. You have to take a 3-day practical workshop. There is no option to do the certification 100% online. AFAA does have an online prep course which just helps you prepare for the certification practical workshop. Perhaps this is where the confusion is coming from. Since your first sentence is incorrect, AFAA would appreciate you removing the sentence, especially as AFAA agrees that online certification does not give fitness professionals the appropriate education and certification needed to work with the general public.

by: Anonymous

Just saw that AFAA is offering their personal trainer certification completely online for about $300 and it will go up at the end of feb. just under $500. Would love it if you guys had some reviews of the 14 modules they offer.

100% for AFAA
by: ccmfds

All i can SAY IS...100% for AFAA...why should go for anything else with a lot of confusing thing...just go for AFAA ...Just Go for what you feel...

afaa online practical
by: Anonymous

My concern is how and what do they have you do on the online practical exam. I am doing the course now and need to know

AFAA Certified
by: Anonymous

Got AFAA certified in 2013 totally online. However I am a RN with 32 years experience as a nurse and been training for about 25 yrs. AFAA offers a great program. The modules were packed with so much information. If you use the study guide with the modules you will do well. It is a great course! I recommend this course to anyone. Do not settle for just getting certified. Do it the right way with a reputable organization. Your clients will thank you!

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