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Just Passed ACE, not at all what i expected...

I just passed the ACE exam today and i must say , its almost as if i studied for the wrong exam. it was VERY very subjective and some questions and answers were worded very strange, and some of the questions seemed like they should have been preceded with MOST, BEST, or LEAST but they were not. you definitely should know your muscles, progression planning, and responses to different variables(heat, humidity etc.) But some questions were just straight out of left field. VERY FEW recall questions, mostly application and changes in program. The math is very minimal, i don't think i used a formula once. Most questions involving math had numbers like "60% of 200 lbs" <- duh......(if i remember correctly one question even used the numbers 50% and 100...)Anyway, in my opinion the key to this acing this test is program implementation and just plain ol' common sense..

Good Luck!!!!

Comments for Just Passed ACE, not at all what i expected...

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by: Tim Lord

I have 2 degrees and have taught the classes that you need to be certified. So I only need to test out. Besides, what has more prudence: a certificate that takes weeks to get? Or a degree that takes 4 years, and another one past that, and still more past that? something to think about

by: Anonymous

Degrees mean nothing nowdays. You dont need them anymore. Just like you didn't need to know math after the calculator was invented. Degree level knowledge is now at everyones fingertips.

Training and College and Aptitude
by: Anonymous

An intelligent person can accomplish great things with or without a college degree. A dumb person with a college degree or certification in any field is dangerous. period.

I have a college degree but prior to going to college, I held positions at various companies that required a degree.

If you're intelligent, you will glean more from any kind of study. If you are not too bright, . . . it's a different story

college degrees do help
by: Anonymous

The reason a degree holds a certain amount of importance is because it speaks to a person's drive, dedication, and commitment to stick with a program, and to complete it over time. Additionally, most degree programs cover general coursework (in addition to their specific concentration) which rounds out a person's education beyond the scope of those who might only hold a high school diploma and/or certificate. I'm not saying the absence of a degree and an intelligent mind are mutually exclusive, but the presence of a degree gives a person a definite advantage.

by: matt p

I did not expect to see my views on education and college degrees represented so well in such a random spot ... just had to comment on that

Do not overlook the Fundamentals of Applied Kinesiology book!!
by: Anonymous

I took the ACE exam today. My first go at it and I passed but not without some effort. The ACE exam was not objective by any stretch of the imagination. Know your muscles and their roles in the body (for exercise as well as postural deviations). The test from what I hear is very different from one to the next but with any standardized test critical thinking plays a large role in the success rate.

The study guides are useful however if you are unable to apply the knowledge chances are it will be much harder than it needs to be. It took me just under two hours to complete and there was no written simulation which surprised me. Everything I read prior to taking the test told me there would be a 2 question simulation section. Either way it was a challenging exam and I'm happy I don't have to take it again :-)

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