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NASM overrated

by Kat

I'm currently studying for the NASM and have found this site useful. However, don't fool yourselves as to the quality of the NASM model. Most of us already training know that you will never use 98% of the terms in the study guide in your job as a personal/group trainer. I think it's important to know what's happening in the body as someone is exercising, but a degree in kinesiology NASM does not make. So the industry is falling short making this the cert of choice. I'm a far better trainer without NASM.

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by: Christopher

I completly agree that NASM is overrated. I have been a bodybuilder sence I was 14, I school most TRAINERS with the knowledge I have learned from reading just within 6 years, and now soon Ill be going through my Masters Certification with AFPA and have NO intentions on getting a degree. In my opinion, a degree is for " BOOK " fitness, You either spend your early years learning it by living it, or you learn it later in a degree.

I got offered a job WITHOUT a certificate, until Im certified with a new fitness center in town buy a NASM certified Personal Training manager. He offered me the job, just buy my knowledge alone. NASM is just another way for corprates to make money off you and make some think, " Im NASM certified, Im the best there is ". Sorry but thats crap

by: Anonymous

What makes me doubt the value of NASM is that to stay certified you have to have a specific amount of CEUs with them and only them. That my friends is just a way for them to continually take your money. I say go for the real deal and get a college degree.

NASM is not overrated
by: Anonymous

It is very true that experience is going to make you a better trainer than someone who can quote definitions from a book. However the reason the NASM is so accepted now a days is because it teaches you how to progess a client from the level that they are at and teaches youhow to get the clients to their goals. A lot of trainers who think they are so good, because they can keep themselves in shape and their clients love them because they give them a great work out forget that the reason you are training people is to get them to their goals. A lot of trainers with this attitude train their clients in the way that worked for them and end up creating the clients goals for them. This is a simple and innocent mistake made by trainers every where even by myself in earlier years, but as I have continued my education and broadened my mind to different ways to train I continually become a better trainer.

I agree...but disagree
by: Christopher

To say that NASM is accepted cause it helps trainers help their clients from where they are at and work with them better?? Thats more or less a common fact then something stated by the NASM! All I was saying is "NO" you dont need to be certified through the "BEST" organization just to make it good as a personal trainer. All it is is a name to me. No matter WHO you are certified through, it wont matter how many certificates you have, nor who its from. All that matters in the end is its your passion, and will to learn the lifestyle, and share your learnings and teachings with others who seek them from you. If you believe in you...they will believe in you, and thats the only thing that matters with clients, is that they know at the end of the day that your their and care to help them with what they ask of you, not your helping them to get paid.

For those of you who are followers of Christ, just remember that people seek guidance from the bible, to read and hope to find answers to problems they need help with, or to seek guidance through Christ when they are feeling alone. By being apart of each and every clients life, you already know they are there to seek your guidance, so take them into your care and the blessings you share with others through training and helping them with a better healthier lifestyle, will come back to you as a trainer FINANCIALY as well as spiritualy.

God bless guys, and stay fit

by: Anonymous

Hahahaha, its funny that people would hate on this exam. First of all, with any legitimate certification you have to continue educating yourself in order to stay certified, its not a way for them to earn more money. (If your a doctor do you just stop educating yourself on new and updated techniques?)

Second of all, the people commenting on this website are what is wrong with the health industry. Coming from someone who has a degree in Exercise Science I would challenge the goof who thinks he knows everything because he eats 3000 calories a day and grunts loudly while working out. Bottom line, I'll take my degree and my endless options over your 20 K a year job as a "trainer". Get educated, study for the exam and actually learn the material, it is actually very good.

Holy Lord
by: Anonymous

I know that it may seem to be the easy route to simply discount a great certification simply because you are without the mental fortitude to be able to comprehend the relatively simple material that NASM asks you to, but this is not the forum for it. Just because book learnin' ain't right up your alley does not mean that you should attempt to steer someone in the wrong direction. Oh, and by the looks of your posts and their myriad spelling and grammatical errors, you may want to re-think that "no degree for me" attitude that has clearly been working so well for you up to this point. NASM is worth it every step of the way. Study hard...not just for the exam, but also to make you a better personal trainer and at the end of the day, a better person.

by: NASM NOT Worth Anything

When the company was purchased by ATI (Now Ascend Learning) it took on a corporate culture and no longer cares about the fitness industry only the bottom dollar.

They are still selling the OPT model from 1999. Good foundation, but does not help people become successful trainers.

Overcharge for their certification and education!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Executive management could careless about the success of the trainer only if they pay for the materials.
In an industry where the trainers make about 40K a year it must be nice for a company that is selling the materials to have their management team make well into the 6 figures.

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