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Nutrition Advice

by Robert
(Albuquerque, NM, US)

Albuq. Person Trainer

Albuq. Person Trainer

The part I have experienced with being a personal trainer is clients do not want to take advice on nutrition. I seems as they want to take a magic pill and have a six pack.

The question I always get is “how do I get a six pack? I do sit-ups all day but don’t see results.” The first question I ask is how many time do they eat a day. Plus what are they eating, and are they small meals. I always get the same answer…"I don’t have time to eat 5 times a day. I don't eat breakfast. If I eat that much I will only gain weight...

Robert Chavez
Albuquerque, NM

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Nutrition Advice
by: Kylie

I totally agree! A member of my gym asked me "what other exercises should I do to lose some fat off my tummy? I do cardio and play tennis" When I asked what his diet was like, he replied "I eat a lot of junk food, especially potato chips". Does he really need to ask this question????

RN to give nutrition advice
by: Anonymous

Clients want a quick fix by skipping the diet part but once you tell them that 50% or more of the results comes from the diet they will do something about it.
Also, to give a nutrition advice you have to be a RN. Even though it looks simple, there a lot of drawbacks if you don't know it well. You can harm the clients because of some many reasons.

by: Anonymous

Not really, you have to be a nutritionists. Doesn't an RN deal more with medicine, dosages,injections, and other medical terms. Doubt I ever met an
RN who knew what to eat, how many times a day, and when is thee right time to eat.

I'm pretty sure she/he meant Registered Nutritionist
by: Anonymous

The above commenter was referring to a "registered nutritionist" not a nurse...

by: Chris mercado

First of all do not ever make any kind of recomendations to your clients or potential ones because 1. They can be allergic to what you prescribed. 2. If their body does not react in a positive way with that kind of diet i.e. low fat/low carb they will kill your business with your bad advice. 3. Most importantly it is out of you scope of practice, either ask them to do a 48hr food recall and write what they eat for 2 days and then you can critique on their food choices(refer to the food pyramid in the U.S.) or refer them to a good nutritionist you may know that is licensed in that state and holds a bachelors or higher.

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