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Can Fit

by Su
(Northern Ontario, Canada)

Being from Northern Ontario Canada, the choices are far and few between, but I'm still looking into the choices...CanFit is probably the best, the YMCA- sometimes offers one...Georgian College does as well. I know I MUST get certified and CPR is a must as well.
My main question is coming up after my story...I've been searching for courses, thru College, YMCA, etc and have also looked into a bunch of correspondence schools PCDI, ICS, and Stratford Careers...all three carry what seems to me to be a great variety with great topics relating to Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer, I think the ICS course outline seems the best and much better than just taking a weekend crash course at the college, plus seems to cover more and seems to offer much more for my $$$$. I would like to learn as much as I can in as many areas as I can, without quitting my day least not YET if I can help it...
So finally, here is my question: Do you think my decision to do the ICS course is a smart move or not? or has anyone heard anything positive or negative about any of the schools....thanks sooo much....Su......

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Experience with ICS Can-Fit Pro Study Partner
by: Anonymous

I have signed up with ICS before and had a problem with them when i did not want to take the course anymore and now because i did not pay i owe them like 2000. I went on a payment plan and when i decided not go ahead with the course any further they wanted me to pay to send the books back the shipping would have cost me more then what they supply you for material. It is all just paper with everything almost photocopied look. Not worth the money. I also stopped the course because i don't think they are as recogonized as you would think look into this first. On the other hand Can-Fit-Pro books are presentable in the aspect of the info and material used to make them. I have purchased the books and hope to do the exam challenge without even taking the course. It is alot of hard material but if you are motivated and really want it you will suceed. don't forget take it upon yourself to research elsewhere you can not rely on Can-Fit-Pro to show you everything in one course theres enough material as it stands now. If anyone wants a study partner in Mississauga respond back here and maybe we can eat sleep and breath the course and apply it learn mew thing from each other. Take this serious prefer a female Good luck everyone otherwise

ICS training
by: Anonymous

I completed the ICS Personal Trainer program. I found it to be very simple in content without any true valuable substance. Anyone that has done any gym training could pick up the majority of the knowledge just by doing a little bit of research. I don't believe that it was what it implied it was. Perhaps the canfit program is more costly because it contains a broader information base. I would not recommend the ICS program personally.

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