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What do you think about NESTA certification?

by Pamela Gervais

Do you know anything about the personal trainer certification from NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Training Association)? This organization offers
a basic CD ROM course which includes the price of the certification test for almost the same price as the ACSM test alone. I would like some feed back from people who have completed this type of program and whether or not they were prepared adequately for the test. (The CD ROM format seems like it might be more organized than my doing this myself with three texts and review books).I know this company is based in California but the tests are given locally and the website looks good. Thanks for any input.

Comments for What do you think about NESTA certification?

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NESTA can not be compared to ACSM
by: Katie - Admin

NESTA certification is a lot easier than ACSM and not as respected. It might get you in the door at the gym but you should check with them first. But don't expect to have full knowledge when you get will still need to put in the long study hours if you want to be a good trainer.

by: buck

The disc has a pdf textbook which is about 300 pages and if you go through each chapter and use index cards to write down the test HINTS!! you will pass it no problem. I passed on the first try. If you do this certification i would work on getting an accredited cert until this becomes accredited. Possible early 2008. I hope this helps.

Re: NESTA Cert
by: Anonymous

Go with AFAA. I failed the NESTA test by 8 questions because the text and videos do not prepare you enough for the test. I put in a lot of hours as well. AFAA also has a workshop for 3 days that helps out a lot.

answer to Pamela...
by: Rachael

Hi Pamela,
The NESTA manual is on CD-ROM for cost purposes and ease of use, it provides you with all necessary information to pass the exam. The manual is very interactive and visually appealing. It also includes "exam-alerts" which tells you to study that particular content area as it may appear on the test. I was more than prepared for the exam and NESTA taught me how to apply what I studied with my client's during our training sessions together!

NESTA Certification
by: Mark

Unlike many other very good programs out there. The NESTA PFT Certification goes over the business of personal training more, and it goes into much greater detail on how to break down an exercise, and understand how it applies in a training situation. A program is more than how challenging an exam is. And I've found this program to be more useful to application in training than any of the other six courses I have taken (NSCA, NASM, NCCPT, ISSA, and ACE).

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What's wrong with NESTA

by Matt
(Las Vegas, NV)

My question is about NESTA. I purchased the package because I had heard it was respected. After reading your site it seems not many here respect it that much. Why? I've gone through all of their material and it's not much different from what others offer besides the hands on stuff.

A lot of the info about fitness is continually changing if anyone is serious about any job they will continually learn more.

I guess I'm a little frustrated because I was going to go with ACE but they are expensive. And honestly NESTA is what I could afford at the moment. Also, I know a few trainers with ACE certs who quite frankly I would never want to train me. I just wonder what the big deal is. Most trainers I know end up having several certs anyways. I just think it's funny because you end up spending all this money for each cert when there is free information out there as well as ways to learn out in the field. Anyways I'm about to take the test soon so I guess it doesn't matter--every gym in Las Vegas takes NESTA anyway.

I've read through your site and I do think it's helpful. I am 25 and have been involved in fitness since I was old enough to work out. I have been an accomplished athlete and know my stuff when it comes to fitness.

Comments for What's wrong with NESTA

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A certification is only as good as the trainer named on it. The cert requires you to be educated in fitness and not just some schmuck calling himself a trainer. The cert is for respect from clients, but you also earn that on the gym floor.

I have known people with all kinds of certs and they all have different levels of competence.

Some people think NASM is the best but the test to me was a joke, but I went to a school, PFTA, and learned from source material from NSCA, ACE ACSM etc.

if you want a cheap cert look into IFA

by: Gary T.

NESTA isn't a widely recognized cert. Gyms usually want NSCA or NASM. However, if your gym takes NESTA, then go for it. A cert. is just a way to get your foot in the door, so to speak. It's your continued learning that is going to make or break you as a trainer. Be humble, learn from the more experienced (watch the successful trainers, attend seminars, ask questions, etc), read, read, read (fitness articles, business books, self-improvement books, etc.). It's been said by many of the top trainers, if you read 1 hour a day you'll be an expert in your field in a year.

NESTA cert
by: Mike

There really is nothing wrong with NESTA, as others have said you can be ACE, NASM etc... certified and have read all their manuels and books but if you've never picked up a barbell or weight that expensive piece of paper (cert) isnt worth anything. If you have no life experience then they are all the same.

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by Jeff Moore

I am a NESTA CPT and after careful review of all the programs out there I chose to take the NESTA certification. It was in the mid price range and the material seemed to be very detailed. At the time of my certification they were in the process of getting NCCA accredited. They now are NCCA accredited. I believe NESTA will rise to the top of the industry soon.

The exam was challenging and had to be taken at an approved testing center. It required a good amount of study time. I am very satisfied with the NESTA CPT it is well recognized in the area I live. I was able to apply for several jobs and choose the one that fit me the best. When considering a certification I think I made the right choice. NESTA mixes exercise science with business applications and continuing support to help make me the best trainer I can be. I strongly recommend the NESTA program to anyone who wants to become a PFT/CPT. Good luck in your endeavors and thanks for reading this

Comments for NESTA PFT/CPT

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Good info.
by: Kim

Thank you for taking the time to comment - I have been comparing the various programs for about the last month and have now decided upon NESTA. You helped me feel good about my decision! Thank you.

I agree
by: S.B.

I have taken other certifications and decided to take the NESTA EXAM and am here to say that the certification as a whole is the best I have tried and love the support they show there members. Just a matter of time before it is the #1 certification in my opinion.

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