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Not well-rounded

by Rubi
(Ontario, Canada)

I have taken this course and was disappointed. I wanted to focus my personal training business on working with people in their homes using mostly free weights, bands, a ball, etc. In other words, not exercise machines. Except for the usual exercises that are done in a gym with a bench(ex: fly, squats, etc.). The instructor gave no instruction on how to do exercises without machines, even when asked.

I have learned more by reading Oxygen magazine than I did in taking the Personal Trainer course from Can-Fit-Pro. However, if you are looking for a job with a national fitness chain like The Good Life Clubs this is the perfect course for you...rah, rah, sis, boom, bah...

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Just my 2 censt!
by: Anonymous

Rubi, if you don't know how to use free weights then you should'nt be using them. The reason your course may have not gotten into total free weights is that your instructor may have been the problem? As well, your a I said you can't use something on someone if you haven't even tried it on yourself...that would be wrong.
In conclusion, your the beginner..start with using new training styles on you first then on others...Sorry that your instructor could not or did not wan6t to answer the question.

Just my 2 censt!

Actually I'm not a beginner
by: Rubi

Thanks for your two cents...but I am not a beginner. I have been using free weights for well over ten years and have been actively involved in fitness and healthy eating for almost 30 years.
Like many people who have been working out for years I was/am just looking to learn the correct way to use free weights and learn new exercises for myself and my clients to keep from getting bored and to work my muscles in new ways...while getting "certified".
It is disappointing that we pay hundreds of dollars for a course to become a personal trainer that says will also use free weights, but focuses solely on machines...which the majority of people who really need and want to exercise will not use. Most people either don't have access to a gym because they can't afford it...or the excuse I hear the most and not feel comfortable working out in front of other people because they feel like they are being watched/judged/made fun of by those who are already thin...and in most cases they are right.
Yes we can pay hundreds more for another course to learn different fads in the industry but in all honesty most of them require 1) a gym, 2) expensive equipement, 3) a lot of space to workout (outdoors or a gym)...where again A LOT of people do not feel comfortable because they fear they are being watched/judged/made fun of. This is a very strong reason that most fitness professionals seem to either dismiss or ignore.
There needs to be a personal trainer certification course that focuses solely on training with ones own body weight, free weights, bands and things that are readily available in or around ones home. Until then the vast majority of those who really need to exercise will be overlooked and ignored...unfortunately.
Sorry for spouting off.

Just my 2 cents
by: Anonymous

Rubi, there is a place you can get what your looking for. As I mentioned, the PTS course is a great base for people to start and perfect for those simple foundational movement skills as well as more complicated ones if you come across the right instructor.
I can assure you that for the most part what is being taught in the Canfit course is what is basically being done in others in term of exercises. Good news for you...I know exactly what your looking is more advanced and thats one reason you won't see in in the courses as many who do take them are beginners. Google "TWIST CONDITIONING"...I promise that you will write me back to tell me you loved it.
Twist is all about body control...all we use is body weight, stabilty balls, Bosu balls, balance boards, toner cables, free weights and so on.
Check them out Rubi, it's what your looking for!


by: Anonymous

my instructor with Can Fit made us learn how to do all exercises WITHOUT the gym machine as well. i found him very knowledgeable in function and tradition fitness. it is too bad that your experience was not good

It really varies!
by: Jason

Hi All,

Just wanted to pop in and add a few comments about Rudi's concerns. I do agree with you that I found that the course overall heavily emphasized machines and did not provide as well-rounded of a course to emphasize the other aspects of training. That being said, I think the way I look at the PTS course is that it's their basic introductory course - although its not optimal they suggest you take other courses in order to develop other skills e.g. medicine ball and whatnot.

I think the trainer you get as an instructor also makes a huge difference. I was very lucky to have a trainer who teaches fitness as a career to emergency personnel, was a member of the Canadian Olympics team and ran us through one of her completely machine-free workouts. I have to admit even though I've been working out for a while and have been heavily involved in sports and track, her work out was definitely an eye opener.

Maybe more consistency in instructors will improve the experience?

- Jason

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