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Get Started - 8 Simple Steps to Success

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Step 1:
Is Personal Training
Right for Me?

Step 2:
Get Certified
Step 3:
Get the Job
Step 4:
Launch Your Business
Step 5:
Train Smarter

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Starting a Personal Training Business Blog

Here are all the Latest Additions to Our Site!

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So Here is all the New Stuff!

Complete Training System Launches

Full tool set for Personal Trainers to take their business to the next level. Web based system helps trainers work with clients and add additonal revenue streams like nutrition services, calorie tracking and online training.

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Great First Cert!

I got signed up with ACTION before the NCCA accreditation. I waited until that was attained and then proceeded. I passed my CPT test in 2014. I didn't

Continue reading "Great First Cert!"

Not Satisfied with AFAA/NASM

I purchased the AFAA group fitness certification last year and tried to sign up to take the test through (their chosen exam proctoring service)

Continue reading "Not Satisfied with AFAA/NASM"

lawsuit Examples

Hello, I am a Kisiosology Student at a University, and I am taking a required Business law class. I need to do a presentation for law class that has

Continue reading "lawsuit Examples"

I need to hire a couple of trainers full time.

I am having trouble finding a source for4 finding Trainers. I have exhausted my client base to find what I want. Anyone with Ideas will be very graciously

Continue reading "I need to hire a couple of trainers full time."

Want to open a small personal training gym in NYC

I heard about a permit called the Physical Culture Establishment Permit needed if you open an exercise studio in NY. It sounds like it is impossible for

Continue reading "Want to open a small personal training gym in NYC"

ace certifiction personal trainer

I ordered the premium package which included the ebooks and on line videos as well as quizzes. I prepared for the test with four months of study 5-6 hours

Continue reading "ace certifiction personal trainer"

Trying to figure out how up-to-date this is 3/15/17

All these posts are great and very inspiring but, very few if any posts have dates on them. I have seen a few posts in other sections with dates as far

Continue reading "Trying to figure out how up-to-date this is 3/15/17"

Great product POOR customer service

I would love to give a 5 star because it is a great program and I have learned a lot .However, the unclear and miscommunication is a BIG problem and expensive

Continue reading "Great product POOR customer service"

Use "PT" in your name if you are a Personal Trainer

Hi I'm Eric from Chicago. I just started a business using an LLC and have PT next to my last name because I used it a lot when I was in the Marine Corps.

Continue reading "Use "PT" in your name if you are a Personal Trainer"


I am thinking about taking the NASM certification. I was wondering which is the best package to purchase. How has NASM helped you with your career or hasn't.

Continue reading "Information "

Failed twice

Hello, I scored 90% percent on the exam that came with the study material and needless to say I failed. I studied harder and missed it by 3 points the

Continue reading "Failed twice"

the essentials of science book is the best bet.

when i first started studying for this test i thought i was gonna pass it with flying colors but when i got there i had absolutely no clue about half the

Continue reading "the essentials of science book is the best bet."

New Personal Trainers

I am an experienced Fitness Coach. I am currently looking for new Fitness Trainers who may be struggling to establish themselves in the industry. I am

Continue reading "New Personal Trainers"

Independent Trainer Agreements

We run a studio in California with a number of independent contractor personal trainers. We are interested in putting together agreements that meet all

Continue reading "Independent Trainer Agreements"

Get The Money

In the 16 years I have been a personal trainer, I am often taken aback by how many other trainers struggle. On their websites and brochures they proudly

Continue reading "Get The Money"

Being Self Employed

I really shouldn't complain. I have been a personal trainer for about 16 years now. I have my own private studio. I have about 30-35 training hours per

Continue reading "Being Self Employed"

up to date?

How up to date is your test prep? I have the ACE 5th edition and curious if its based on this latest edition.

Continue reading "up to date?"

nutrition coaching

I am a Certified Personal Trainer by NASM and want to add nutrition counseling for weight loss after being certified by Precision Nutrition as a Nutrition

Continue reading "nutrition coaching"

Different kinds of certifications, how do I choose?

Hello Everyone. I have never posted anything on this site, but I thought that this time I may be able to bring some positive comments that may help someone

Continue reading "Different kinds of certifications, how do I choose? "

Fitness Coaching

I am working on becoming a Certified Personal Trainer but it's taking some time. My trainer says that I can coach fitness classes without being certified

Continue reading "Fitness Coaching"

Is this updated for the 5th edition of NASM?

Just wondering if this course is updated for the 5th edition of the NASM PT Cert

Continue reading "Is this updated for the 5th edition of NASM?"

Functional Movement Screen

If a sedentary elderly person (75 years of age) scores low on a Functional Movement Screen, am I legally obligated to refer them to an orthopedic clinic

Continue reading "Functional Movement Screen"

certified trainer and charging people

Hello. I am planning on starting an online training business where I give training advice in a wide array of areas with a membership fee. I am not a certified

Continue reading "certified trainer and charging people"

Online Personal Training Liability

I am interested in writing personalized programs for clients, and conducting my business online (without doing any in-person training). What are the legal

Continue reading "Online Personal Training Liability"

Personal Trainer Software

I am looking for software to create workouts, plan diets, track progress, manage my schedule. What is the best one's out there?

Continue reading "Personal Trainer Software"

Right to Touch

I'm looking to enter a specific training called Structural Energetic Therapy. Most massage therapists take this additional course, but I feel it would

Continue reading "Right to Touch"

UK salaries for personal trainers in 2016

I saw this question on here, so I thought I'd share what I found out on this subject. The first thing is that interpreting the data is quite tricky. Many

Continue reading "UK salaries for personal trainers in 2016"

Add dates to comments

I gather that your site has been around for a while :) It would be helpful if the comments all had dates - especially for comments regarding the different

Continue reading "Add dates to comments"

dba vs LLC

I'm a certified personal trainer with liability insurance and I make all my clients sign waivers. I would like to register my business name before someone

Continue reading "dba vs LLC"

Membership revoked by helping 2 different friends

My membership at 24 Hour Fitness was revoked after I was helping a couple friends at different times doing new exercises, and doing them correctly. I was

Continue reading "Membership revoked by helping 2 different friends"

What insurance

I'm thinking of starting my side business of training clients at their home as well as in our basement. I have personal trainer insurance but what else

Continue reading "What insurance "

Legally of training in a rented apartment

Hi, So I am looking to start a home training at my apartment for the first time. I want to know if it is legal to train inside my apartment in a designated

Continue reading "Legally of training in a rented apartment"


There is an opportunity coming up for a weekend intensive with an exam at the end. Assuming that I pass, I will be granted an NCEP Certification. Anyone

Continue reading "NCEP?"

Legal protection

I was wondering if I could train people for free and still have to have liability insurance, informed consent, and waivers to pass out to my clients even

Continue reading "Legal protection"

NASM Recertification cost is too high

NASM is the worst certification I have ever encountered. They are more of a marketing and sales company than a serious organization for educating personal

Continue reading "NASM Recertification cost is too high"

24 Hour Fitness Jobs

Finding 24 Hour Fitness Jobs is easy as a certified personal trainer, but do you want to work for 24 Hour Fitness? See what other personal trainers are saying about their jobs.

Continue reading "24 Hour Fitness Jobs"

getting started

I am a newly certified Personal trainer thru ISSA apparently I dont think was a good certification. How do I get hired in a GYM or get clients. To be honest

Continue reading "getting started"

The Greatest Marketing Strategies Ever

1. The Web Site If you don't have a web site, you're going to die a slow death as a trainer. Do this now. Get on or maybe even Yahoo Business.

Continue reading "The Greatest Marketing Strategies Ever"

Failed first attempt for ACSM

I just failed the ACSM test. I knew I wasn't 100% ready and was honestly hoping to just pass. I know it is not the best way to go about it. I self-studied

Continue reading "Failed first attempt for ACSM"

notice needed to leave a rented gym space for independent personal trainer

I am an independent personal trainer and i have rented gym space from a private studio for the past year. the owner of the space has been nothing but

Continue reading "notice needed to leave a rented gym space for independent personal trainer"

Questions about having my International (Australian) credentials recognized/tranferred?

Hi, I am a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor from Australia. My family & I just made the move to California ( I am a U.S. CItizen)

Continue reading "Questions about having my International (Australian) credentials recognized/tranferred?"

I am falsely accused of stealing clients from gym

I was working for a gym in Mesa, AZ; I made the decision to quit because I was not making near what I thought I was worth. I put my two weeks notice in

Continue reading "I am falsely accused of stealing clients from gym"

Re: What business entity should I create when starting an outdoor bootcamp?

I would like to start up an outdoor bootcamp soon. I have heard mixed messages on what business entity I should create (LLC or Sole Proprietor). I will

Continue reading "Re: What business entity should I create when starting an outdoor bootcamp?"

Just took ACSM exam 7/21 & I passed!

I don't have a question, but just wanted to say thank you. I used this site as a review, and went over the quizzes in their entirety. When I sat for

Continue reading "Just took ACSM exam 7/21 & I passed!"

If given the option

If you were working for an organization (gym) that provided you with all of your clients and required absolutely no sales effort on your end, would you

Continue reading "If given the option"

Active IQ or CYQ - IT doesn't matter

Every country has different regulations on certificates and standardization. I am based in the UK and there are two dominant brands - Active IQ and CYQ.

Continue reading "Active IQ or CYQ - IT doesn't matter"

Cancelling Personal Training

I just signed up with the Gold's Gym and they will not let me cancel the membership or reimburse me for prepaid training even though I live 40 miles away

Continue reading "Cancelling Personal Training"


I have paid for two months of personal training. The trainer claims he is certified but he will not produce documentation. I have seen very minimal results.

Continue reading "Certification"

Golds Gym non-compete agreements

I worked for Golds Gym for a year to get myself experience. I must admit the job had its pros and cons but for the most part the cons won. I left golds

Continue reading "Golds Gym non-compete agreements"

Diabetes CPT.

I am a 57 yr old type 1 diabetic and have had diabetes for 33 yrs and control my condition well through diet, exercise. I am considering becoming a CPT

Continue reading "Diabetes CPT. "

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